Upgrade and Enhancement Archives

QI Macros Enhancement History 2016 and Earlier



Data Mining Wizard (Feb 2016)
Creates a pivot table of data, and generates an XmR Chart and defect Paretos


  • Enhanced stability analysis to accommodate filtered blank rows in data


  • t-Test enhancement
  • proportion test update








Compatibility with:

New and Enhanced Chart Macros

  • Added Descriptive Statistics under Histograms & Capability drop-down menu

New and Enhanced Chart Templates

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools

  • Upgraded all statistical functions to include redeveloped statistical functions (e.g., FINV is now F.INV) included in Excel 2010 and 2013. Excel 2003-2007 still use the previous functions

New and Enhanced Functionality

  • Made Pooled Standard Deviation the default Sigma Estimator for Cp and Cpk. Sbar/c4 and Rbar/d2 can still be used by changing the Sigma Estimator field.


New and Enhanced Chart Macros

New and Enhanced Chart Templates

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools

New and Enhanced Functionality


Watch Video Highlighting 2013 Enhancements

Compatibility with:

  • Excel 2013
  • Windows 8

New and Enhanced Chart Macros

New and Enhanced Chart Templates

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools

  • Chi Squared Test added individual Chi-sq values
  • Descriptive Statistics now tell you whether your data is normal or non-normal.

New and Enhanced Functionality


New and Enhanced Chart Macros

  • Capability Suite Macro Creates these Six Charts
    - X Chart
    - R/S Chart
    - Histogram with Cp and Cpk
    - Probability Plot
    - Values Plot
    - Capability Plot
  • New Stability Analysis Tools
    - Green Up/Green Down to show "good" out of control points
    - Show/Hide Rules to show rule numbers violated
    - Clear Stability to clear red points and lines.
  • XbarR, XbarS, XMedianR, CUSUM and EWMA now accept one column of data and restack to 2-25 samples per subgroup.
  • Excel Charts
    - 3D Bar and Column Charts
    - Stacked Bar and Column Charts
    - Area Chart
    - Bubble Chart
    - Donut Chart
    - Stock Chart

New and Enhanced Chart Templates

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools


New and Enhanced Chart Macros

New and Enhanced Templates

New Training Resources


Compatibility with:

  • Macintosh 2011
  • Excel 2010 in 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Excel 2010 Microsoft "Click to Run" installations

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools

  • Statistics Wizard - Automatically runs appropriate statistics: ANOVA, F test, t test, Levene's test, Chi-Squared and regression based on the data selected.
  • Rewrote Anova and Analysis tools to be independent of Excel's Data analysis Toolpak. This should prevent translation conflicts with International Versions of Excel.
  • Anova and statistical tests like the t tests now interpret the results for you by indicating whether you should accept or reject the null hypothesis.

New and Enhanced Chart Macros

New and Enhanced Templates

Data Transformation Tools


Compatibility with Excel 2007 SP2

Improvements to prevent conflicts with other addins.

New and Enhanced Macros

New and Enhanced Templates

Statistical Tools

Data Transformation Tools

  • Unstack Matrix function


New and Enhanced Macros:

New Control Chart Menu Options

New and Enhanced Templates

Anova and Analysis Tools

Data Transformation Tools

Pull down menu and error messages translated to various foreign languages.

Help files and user guide translated to various foreign languages.


Compatibility with Excel 2007

  • Completely rewritten in VBA to support Excel 97-2007 including the new "ribbon" interface.
  • Added Option of Choosing Between a Classic 2003 menu for Excel 2007 - to ease the transition to the new ribbon
  • Install file now identifies multiple versions of Excel on your PC and asks which version you want to load the QI Macros on.

New and Enhanced Macros

New Control Chart Menu Options

New and Enhanced Templates

New Data Mining and Analysis Tools

New Anova and Analysis Tools

QI Macros Help - descriptions and instructions for using each tool

Created uninstall.exe file to more easily uninstall the software or 30-day evaluation copy

Corrected bug in box and whisker formula (QI Macros 2007 version only).

Corrected run time error when some International versions closed Excel.


Performance Enhancements

  • Efficiency Upgrade to QI Macros to speed up starting Excel. Reduced number of macro files from 19 to 1.
  • Performance enhancement - consolidated stability analysis code for all control charts.
  • Performance enhancement - speed up XmR chart macro.
  • Added Version Information

Enhancements to Macros:

Anova and Analysis Tools:

Fixed chi-square test calculation.

New Templates:

Enhancements to Existing Templates:

  • Added links to training documentation on website for all templates.
  • Update PPAP Forms to 4th Edition and 4th edition error data sheet published by AIAG.
  • Update FMEA template to 4th Edition
  • Gage R&R deleted acceptability % in cell C44 since it is no longer needed.
  • Enhanced Balanced Scorecard Template


Converted to Windows 32-bit installer to prevent installation problems in Windows XP.

New Control Chart Wizard
Just select your data, click on the Control Chart Wizard and it will analyze your data and choose the best control chart for you.

Enhancements to Macros
Added sigma estimator (SIGMAave/c4) for subgroup sizes > 10 to:

  • Histogram macro
  • Frequency histogram
  • XbarS template

New Templates

Enhancements to Templates

  • Gage R&R - added Analytic Attribute Method
  • Maintenance enhancements to Histogram and Frequency Histogram to allow blank data fields
  • Maintenance enhancements to XmR, Gage R&R and other templates
    Maintenance enhancements to PPAP and other templates
  • Maintenance enhancements to Normal Probability Plot
  • Fixed p & u charts for long file names

Anova and Analysis Tools


New Control Chart Capabilities:

Histogram Macro

  • Upgraded histograms to allow users to add data without redrawing the chart
  • Fixed number of decimals bug
  • Fixed number of bars bug

Gage R&R Template

New Chart Templates:

Added Z scores and p values to these templates:

  • Probability Plot
  • Histogram
  • XmR
  • XbarR
  • XbarS

New Templates:

Regression Analysis

  • Allow for multiple regression. (One column for Y, multiple columns for X)
  • Changed Regression Analysis to match data order of the Scatter diagram.


Office 2003 compatibility

Added ability to rerun Stability Analysis on Control Charts.

Added Sample Size calculator using confidence levels, limits and standard deviation.

Added Anova, Regression, t-Test, and other statistics for hypothesis testing.

Added tolerance calculations to the Gage R&R template (QS 9000 MSA Version 3).

Added histogram, probability plot, and scatter plot to XmR, XbarR, and XbarS templates.

Added Gantt Chart


Upgrade for Windows 2000 bug that causes QI Macros to appear on the toolbar twice.

Automated adding data to existing control charts

Multiple Control Limits for comparing several sets of data in the c, np, p, u, XmR, XbarR and XbarS charts

Added Run Chart macro

Probability Plot Template for analyzing distributions

Gen table macro added to convert matrices of any size to any other size

Gage R&R upgrade with bias, linearity, and Anova

International Version Available for all languages.


Excel XP compatibility upgrade

Cusum Chart

Stability Analysis added to control charts

Box and Whisker Chart

QI Macros Training CD-ROM


InstallWizard simplifies installation

Design of Experiments L4, L8, L16

Gage R&R template

Multivari Chart

Control charts: Added 1,2 sigma lines for stability analysis


Scatter Chart: Added Trend line

XbarS chart added

Histogram: added normal curve


Excel 2000 compatibility upgrade

Excel 97 Upgrade

XmR Trend chart added

Histogram Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk

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