Want to Make a Line Column Combination Chart in Excel?

QI Macros can do it for you!

Create Line-Column Chart using QI Macros:

  1. Select your data.
  2. Click on QI Macros menu > Excel Charts > Line-Column.
  3. QI Macros will do the math and analysis for you.

Go Deeper: Use a Line-Column Chart to Display Two Varying Sets of Data

A line-column chart combines a line graph and column chart on the same graph. The two charts share an X axis but each has its own Y axis. There are two common uses for a combination chart: 1. when want to display two different data sets together and 2. when you want to display the sets of the same type of data but the ranges vary widely between the two.

Mixed Types of Data

combination chart data example

Two Sets of the Same Data Where the Range of Values Varies Widely

combination chart range of values varies

combination chart of car prices and number of cars sold
combination chart of gas price comparison kuwait vs norway

Creating a Line Column Combination Chart in Excel

You can create a combination chart in Excel but its cumbersome and takes several steps.

  1. Select your data and then click on the Insert Tab, Column Chart, 2-D Column. Note: Make sure your labels are formatted as text or they will be added to the chart as a third set of bars.
  2. how to make a combination chart in excel

  3. Next, right click on one of the data series and select Change Series Chart Type. Change the type to Line.
  4. change the series chart type

  5. Then, right click on the data series that does not have its values shown on the Y axis and select Format Data Series, Series Options, Plot on Secondary axis.
  6. series options plot on secondary axis

  7. A secondary Y axis will be added on the right side of the chart and the data series will be plotted against it.
  8. line column chart


Save Time Using QI Macros Excel Add-in to Create Line-Column Charts

QI Macros will mistake proof your data selection and create a Line Column chart in one step. Just select your data and select Line-Column on 2 Axes from the QI Macros menu. QI Macros will prompt you for titles and create the line column chart in one step.

qimacros line column chart
combination chart of car prices and number of cars sold

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