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SPC software testimonial

I have your software, and I love it! It has made my life much easier! Thanks so much for an awesome program! All of the Service Line PI Coordinators at our Healthcare System now use the program, and I continue to train new people in how to use it.

- Jeffrey S. Fouche, PI Coordinator
Gwinnett Health System

More from Raving Fans in Hospitals

I had no idea how very much could be done on QI Macros. I am particularly excited to try a Fishbone diagram and to see how some of the other quality tools work. I was expecting the charting, but these other tools are the icing on the cake!

- Barbara

QI Macros are proving to be an invaluable tool in my studies about how organizations use customer insights.

- Emanuel Said

I have been a “bedside” nurse for 31 years and the Heart Failure Coordinator for the last 6 years in the office of Quality. I am THRILLED to have been given access to QI Macros.

- Anita Rich BSN RN CHFN

I have been using QI Macros for several years now, and it is a real workhorse for us. 

- R. Neill Carey, PhD 
Peninsula Regional Medical Center

QI Macros are just common sense which I consider the 'new brilliance' making things practical and easy in today's complex world

- James Espinosa, MD
Director, Emergency Dept.

Beautiful, we love the program. It's exactly what we were looking for. Thank you.

- Debra Shank
Georgetown Memorial Hospital

Your product is outstanding! 

- Jeffrey Whitesel 
Floyd Memorial Hospital & Health Services

I've installed QI Macros and walked through some of the graphs. What I've seen so far is absolutely amazing. I cannot use enough adjectives to describe how pleased I am with it. It is incredible. Thanks for all your help. 

- Judy Vinson, R.N.
Quality Studies Advisor

I was the recipient of QI Macros for Excel SPC Software donated to the Spring Conference of the Iowa Association for Healthcare Quality. I want to tell you how thrilled I was at receiving the software. I work for Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa. We have been very involved with process improvement and have met Six Sigma the past two months in the area that I work in. Needless to say, we have many uses for the software that I won at the conference. Thank you so much for your generous gift. 

- Joan E Newel, RN, CPHQ
Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield

More from Other Professionals Who Love QI Macros

QI Macros is a game-changer for quality professionals. Whether you’re a seasoned Six Sigma practitioner or just starting your quality journey, this add-in is a must-have. It empowers you to make data-driven decisions, improve processes, and elevate quality standards.

- Eric Miles

I was very well impressed with the functionality of the QI Macros Improvement Project Wizard. This certainly saves time and cuts down the chart populating process substantially. I will be recommending this tool to my colleagues here at work and within the ASQ leadership community.

- Data Analyst
Medical Device Manufacturer 

I use my licensed copy on a nearly daily basis. Thank you, Jay! You continue to improve the product and give me more easy-to-use tools!

- Michael Bock

QIMacros is a solution for those already using Excel to quickly use the right tool to aid in using data to solve problems, fast process improvements and related projects that emerge, i. e. continual improvement.

- Tony Rehwaldt

My new laptop is an i-7 with 12GB. I know I don't need anyway near that to get value out of from your product, but I'll be able to generate AMAZING analysis results and express them BEAUTIFULLY with QI Macros!

- Lily M Sieu

I wish I had this software 2 years ago – sure would’ve made my workload a lot less complicated.  I went through tutorials and was very impressed with the simplicity of what this software allows! You truly have no idea how much QI Macros have simplified my life.

- Data Analyst
Medical Device Manufacturer 

I purchased QI Macros and I have told many of my friends about this great product. I absolutely think it is the best thing on the market and I cannot say enough good things about it

- Dave Hyer, Quality Engineer
Minneapolis Die Casting

I enjoyed my 30 day trial so much that I purchased QI Macros. Thank You for an excellent product, great support and all the freebies.

- Jon Dinges

Thanks for the trial!. I loved it! So, I requested it at work, and they bought licenses for several PC's and installed them. It works great! Excellent for histograms, control charts and pareto charts.

- Victor Figallo

I bought the software the same day I downloaded it. QI Macros are awesome, especially the Pareto Chart and Sample Size Calculator.

- Mary Bobolis
Statistician, FDA

The software adds credibility to the application of Lean and Six-Sigma concepts and principles across our manufacturing and process development platform. It’s a pleasure to see an Add-In to Excel that gets the job done, and a support network that understands the Voice of the Customer!

- David Greco
Director of Engineering & Quality, Tibor Machine Products

My impression of the software is that it is a highly designed tool that is beneficial to students and professionals. I was very impressed at the capability and the ease of usability the software afforded me. I would recommend it to friends or anyone looking for a easy to use SPC software. 

- Trevor Mpoyo

This is the greatest SPC tool I have used in recent years. It is easy and very practical to use. I work for a major bakery and we have a license agreement with Minitab®. This is the main reason why we do not have plans to purchase. However, I am seriously thinking in purchasing a single license with you in the very near future for personal use.

- QA/Safety Manager

I am totally impressed with your software! I have already recommended your product as a 'must have tool' for our quality management system. I work for a small ISO company that would benefit greatly from your product. 

- Michael Matthews

This is the coolest, easiest to use software ever! Wish I'd found it years ago.

- Dharol Tankersley
University of California San Diego

I downloaded the trial to use immediately. I had used this software at a previous employer and didn't want to wait for the purchase requisition to go thru so I used the download to get started on a project that required some histograms. Thanks for a great product!

- Robin Durbin
Manufacturing Engineer
Specialized Medical Devices

You guys are great in EVERYTHING you develop. I am putting together a Six Sigma program here and I've used a multitude of articles and literature from you to help others learn Six Sigma. You can add Sharp Packaging Systems as an endorser of QI Macro's. Obviously I believe strongly in your product because I have purchased or endorsed purchasing of QI Macro's at two companies and I speak highly of it to others in my ASQ group.

- Mike Crotzer
Director of Quality
Sharp Packaging Systems

I'm taking some classes in Lean Six Sigma manufacturing and would have been lost without the graphing abilities of QI Macros. You have a way of making statistics and charting user friendly and more easily applied.

- Ed Cowell

I just love QI Macros and they are a blessing in school. Today is my sixth day on a new job and thanks to my Black Belt background and tools like QI Macros, they've basically given me the "keys to the city."

- Jamie Lyn Rogers

I purchased QI Macros and have had great success with it. Your product is awesome. I love it. 

It has made my job way easier. I don't dread "crunching" the numbers because I know how easy it will be, and the presentation is worthy of forwarding on to my customer.

Keep up the great work.

- Rick Hinton
Main Steel Polishing Inc.

I just opened my package of the QI Macros CD and assortment of bonus items including the information about the free on-line lessons. I'm very satisfied with the whole program and extra benefits included. Thanks very much.

- Rick Smeltzer

My compliments on this product. I have found QI Macros to be most useful over the years and recommend them to anyone who is interested in charting data or doing other process improvement activities. 

- Dave Shrum
Quality Manager - Field Container
LaPorte Division

I have been blessed by your software and excellent website!!!! Great product and always very good information. You definitely exceed Customer's expectations.


- Richard Rodriguez
Quality Manager, Clover Wire Forming Co., Inc.

When looking for a statistical software package to recommend to my clients and to use in my Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Black classes we found QI Macros for Excel to be the best over all value.

- H. James Harrington
CEO, Harrington Institute

What Customers Say About Ease of Use

  • User Friendly

  • For Real People not Statisticians

  • Practical and Easy

I really love QI Macros! It saves non-mathematicians / non-statisticians like myself a lot of grief. When I first tried the free trial and saw what it could do (and how much work it would save me) you could hear me shout clear down the hall! I like the software so much I was able to get our corporate office to buy it too.

- Vickie Smith

spc software for non statisticians

Healthcare Professionals Who Don't Have Time to Become Statisticians

...It is so simple to use and anybody can use it...

...It's like a magic program. You input the data, you click the button and, "poof," there it is! It's all done for you. It's great, I love it...

- National Association of Healthcare Quality Conference

I love your approach and material. Recommending your QI Macros to all of my friends. You're really helping me understand and do concepts that before were a mystery. Your stuff is great! 

- Stephen Newlon

I have been using QI Macros for several years and as they see it more and more of our staff want access to the software. Once you get started it is addictive (because it is so easy). 

- David Woodward
KidsPeace Children's Hospital

Great software! Easy to use and understand. 

- Daphne Willis, MSA, CQIA
Quality Improvement -- St. Jude CRH

Thanks - you make it so easy for us non-statisticians to generate graphs and charts! The XmR works great - will download the material that you suggested. Appreciate the help. And, by the way, your software was touted in a Greeley, CO seminar on Medical Staff Quality.

I use QI Macros in all of my Data Management Workshops and have found it very functional for our needs in healthcare.

- Kurt Gundacker
VHA Employee Education System

We've joked that we sometimes sound like we're part of your sales force because we've told so many people how well QI Macros works. Once again, I appreciate your fast service as much as I do your software. We are big users of QI Macros over here - it's been a tremendous help as we must track & trend so many processes.

- Connie Chambers, RN
Database Analyst

WOW! I can't believe how fast that was - to receive and install QI Macros.

- Heather Spengler

The mystique of 6sig may be its own tallest barrier in penetrating healthcare. Sad to say, I have seen healthcare leaders so intimidated by 6sig's presumed mathematical complexity and its reputation for being expensive that they wouldn't even try to integrate its basic techniques into their CQI efforts. True, many of the tools require statistical sophistication. Yet so much light can shine from little more than a properly used pareto and an XmR!

Thanks again for de-mystifying it!

- Kevin Welch 

Read Testimonials from Manufacturing Customers About Ease of Use

I love having QI Macros on my PC. It is sooo easy to use with Excel. I enjoy not having to use a separate program just to chart QC projects. And the options…oh my! Thank you so much for making my life easier, AND at a very reasonable price!!!

- Shilo Caulfield

The software is very straightforward and convenient; we’re really happy with this purchase!

- Ashley Luscan
LQC Lab Technician, Left Hand Brewing Company

I just made my first charts and QI Macros were very easy and user friendly. This is going to be a great tool.

- Jim Welsh
Lennox Industries

Your product is quite useful for Green Belts; easy to use and makes it easier for me to explain the "why" rather than the "how" in problem-solving

- Andy Paquet, Scientist
Master Black Belt

QI Macros’ interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Even if you’re new to statistical analysis, you’ll feel right at home. The colorful graphical output of data enhances clarity, making it a joy to work with. It’s like having a quality dashboard tailored to your needs.

- Eric Miles

What Customers Say About the Affordable Price

"Unbelievable Value"

"Amazing Bargain"

"Worth the Price!"

SPC for automotive industry

QI Macros are so much less expensive than other software that does the same thing, and they fully fill the requirements for automotive. And probably for other businesses as well. It's a great way to have it all for less. And in a format that we all know-Excel.

- Bob Galmish

Read Testimonials from Healthcare Customers About Price

I purchased QI Macros just to run control charts (worth the price just for that). I had NO idea what a robust product you have developed, and what an amazing bargain I was getting. File me under exceeded customer expectations. 

- Scott Campbell
SwedishAmerican Hospital

Can't brag enough about QI Macros. It is the most easy to use inexpensive tool out there. Best of all its for real people not just statisticians and computer nerds. I have been using it for over 5 years and would recommend it to anyone. 

- Sandra Fly RN,BS
Director of Ambulatory Quality Mgmt
Univ of TX Health Center

Read Testimonials from Manufacturing Customers About Price

This is the best software I have found. There is no reason every engineer should not have this on their computer. The best $369 USD you'll ever spend

- Rick Flores
FTC Industries, Inc.

I’ve been using your QI Macros for the last ten years and have always found them the best and lowest cost tool available. The other “stat” and charting programs are way too expensive and complex for most of the QA people that I’ve trained.

- Steve Hoyt
Program Chair ASQ Columbus Section

QI Macros is for anyone who is working Six Sigma. It is especially useful to the student of Six Sigma since it is so affordable in relationship to its power. Other solutions exist at almost 10 times the cost but for the money there is NO better product. If you can use Excel you can use QI Macros and start making Six Sigma a reality in your work place. It takes the difficulty of the math out of the equation and lets you use the data for real decisions. 

- Curt Goyette
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

QI Macros offers outstanding value, especially when compared to more expensive software packages. Quality professionals can achieve robust results without breaking the bank. As someone who appreciates efficiency, I find this cost-effectiveness particularly appealing. It’s like getting Excel on steroids without the hefty price tag!

- Eric Miles

QI Macros are the best deal I've ever seen. For manual data collection folks using Excel, I don't know how you can beat it! 

- Mark Shelley

QI Macros is the best quality software for the buck! As a consultant, I preach about its value when conducting training sessions on Quality and Lean.

- Jeffrey Hewes
Quality Engineer, Husky

I really like QI Macros. The Pareto chart is worth the purchase price of the whole deal.

- Mike Dean
Ellwood Texas Forge

I use your product extensively and have been severely handicapped since my hard drive crashed and I could not find my disk. Thank you for your prompt attention and help. I find new things to do with QI Macros everyday. They don't have all of the functionality of Minitab®, but for the price they are an amazing value!

- Rick Stevens
Technical Manager
Associated Rubber Company

QI Macros is so functional and complete, I cannot believe that anyone complains about the price. If these people were really familiar with statistical control software and the price range it usually runs in, they would all be running to you for QI Macros! I love the fact that I do not have to port across applications and worry about formatting. I love the fact that I can generate all the charts and analysis I need to be successful right in Excel. This is an extremely valuable product and, frankly, I think you are NUTS to sell this SPC software so cheaply.

- Mark Lyne
ATI Technologies

What Customers Say About the Time It Saves

"Saved a Ton of Time"

"3 days to 3 hours"

"A Real Time Saver"

QI Macros is a fantastic tool. It allows me to do things that once took 30-60 minutes down to 2-3 minutes. It's also very user-friendly and easy to operate.

- Wade Johnson
Carlson Craft Business Solutions

spc software save time

Read Testimonials from Healthcare Customers About Time Savings

Every two weeks I have to update 600 control charts for more than 30 hospitals in our system. I used to spend three days updating these charts. Once we created the charts using QI Macros Control Chart Dashboards, and utilized automation including stability analysis, we reduced the time it takes to update the charts to just three hours. QI Macros Control Chart Dashboards save me valuable time that I can use for other important projects. Thanks for making this process quicker and easier. 

- Mary Ayuso
Adventist Health System

I just recently purchased QI Macros and I think it's fantastic! It has saved me a great deal of time in preparing monthly reports. 

- Marc Robinson
Emergency Medical Associates

I've been using your QI Macros since 1997 and they have saved me tremendous amounts of time. I'm so glad I came across your stuff. I've recommended your QI Macros to at least four others who have purchased your QI Macros as well and regularly use them.

- Mark E. Anderson, Business Analyst
Fairview Lakes Regional Health Care

I work for a hospital and I couldn't agree more to your just-in-time approach. In this day of scare health-care resources, we just cannot afford to waste the time of our greatest resources - our front line workers. 

- Cynthia Jennings
Queen of the Valley Hospital

Read Testimonials from Manufacturing Customers About Time Savings

QI Macros saved us a ton of time. They take all the guesswork out of it. 

- Richard Nardini

Excellent graphing analysis macros and lots of good information on your web site. The software has saved me a lot of time.

- Jeremy Slawson
Orthogon Systems

What your organization has done with the excel macros is great. It saves me a lot of time by not having to create the formulas and links. Your QI Macro's are better than most SPC specific software on the market. I have been using your macros since 1997. 

- Chuck Whitaker
Nishikawa Standard Co.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your software and the Six Sigma Simplified. It is a much simpler approach to teaching teams. I will be recommending that we purchase more to upgrade our processes on the floor. I find QI Macros a real time saver, allowing me to focus more on the problems than on reporting them. 

- Frank Duke, Sagem

I am very impressed with QI Macros Software. I work with Excel eight hours a day and thought that I had written macros that made me efficient. The Control Charting and Histogram macros in QI Macros alone have saved me hours of work and allowed me to present data to management in a format that is meaningful.

Also, if you are looking for a great introduction to Six Sigma process analysis and problem solving the Six Sigma documentation provided free with QI Macros is invaluable. 

- Kyle Dopp
First Choice Solutions

The convenience of ready-to-use templates cannot be overstated. QI Macros provides templates for Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). These templates streamline your work, ensuring compliance with industry standards. No need to reinvent the wheel; just plug in your data and go!

- Eric Miles

Customer's Success Stories

control charts jcaho

We just completed our JCAHO review and received a 98 with NO time 1's so we are very excited and fired up about that. Our ability to use the control charts and talk with staff about them really helped! 

- Leana Hilde RN
Methodist Medical Center

Success Stories from Healthcare Users

Before I was a college professor I was a radiology administrator for 36 years and also got roped into being the hospital wide PI coordinator. I used QI Macros to not only hunt for Performance Improvement opportunities, but also to show them in presentation for the Joint Commission. Our hospital made the highest score it had ever made on a survey… 99%. I give your product a good part of that score since it helped so much with QI activities and presentation or findings. Thank you again.

- David Raulerson
Ogeechee Technical College

I have purchased your product (QI Macros) and find that it has improved my Kaizen and Product Development completion rates considerably. Even though I am a ASQ certified SSBB, I have found your training videos very helpful in guiding my methodology to identify high-value problems and solutions. Your repeated review of basic tools needed and the examples of their use has ended my struggle with creating a “sponsor believable” problem statement(s)!

- Roy H. Herlocher

I started using your materials several years ago when I worked in hospital quality improvement. My favorite find was a $1 million-dollar-a-year cost overrun on Medicare patients who were being released a day later than they should have. 

I used the data detail of the cost overrun to create a Pareto chart that showed that over 80% of the cost could be attributed to one small practice of three physicians. That sure caused a new rumble in the room and the cost overrun nearly disappeared overnight.

Now I am working in youth substance abuse prevention and I have started to submit control charts and Pareto charts in my grant reports. My board of directors is really appreciating those charts. After five years of guessing, the data is now becoming useful to them in decision making. 

Thanks again for all you do to make quality improvement easy.

- Kitty Frank

Just want to thank you for such a great product and thanks for the Trial Version of QI Macros !! I'm a QA Master of Science degree candidate at CSUDH, and ran across your offer of the Trial Version. Used it for some homework and really impressed my instructors! Here at work, I requested that my purchasing department order me a copy. I can hardly wait to show everyone here at work how awesome this product is: easy to use and very impressive results. I'm really enjoying the free lessons too! Thanks again,

- Patty Pitzer
Dept of Health and Hospitals
State of Louisiana

Success Stories from Manufacturing Users

Just to let you know how worthy your QI Macros is, I want to disclose my experience with it. I had some time on my hands and used it to perform an energy audit on the entire facility – 160,000 sq ft – with natural gas furnaces and non-heat pump air conditioning. Using the architect’s plans to obtain thermal conductances for walls, floors, ceilings, AND constructing monthly heat load graphs based on degree days, I was able to pinpoint losses and recommend remedial action. I also had to account for electrical consumption of machinery in the facility as monitored by the power entrance monitors at 460V, 3-phase.

I was able to spectacularly track heat loads or losses with energy bills from the power company and gas supplier. It so interested the visiting gas supplier that he wanted to know how I calibrated my degree-day curves since we have no official max/min reading at my location. Fortunately I had used a TVA site at Tupelo, MS, to calibrate and it tracked perfectly with just the expected amount of temperature difference.

All in all, it was thrilling to see how QI Macros allowed me to plot and graph month after month the scaled heat load/loss and the consequent energy consumption. I never would have believed a project could turn out so well! Thanks for a great program!

- Ward Smith

Subject: Kodak TeamWork Day - Our Data Mining/RCFA Team enjoyed using your QI Macros for Excel and the Simplified Six Sigma Approach. Your product is great and it will be my pleasure to share with other teams the success we had using your products. We will have hundreds of people pass by our booth and it would great if you are able to send me some handouts and/or prizes to raffle off.

I apologize for the short notice, but I just couldn't go to the exhibit and talk about QI Macros without first attempting to obtain some flyers to handout. I want to do this because of how highly I think of your product and would recommend it to other team leaders without hesitation.

- Sean Skillern
Process Improvement Manager
Qualex, Allentown

I want to thank you for QI Macros and your excellent book Motivate Everyone. I can say that your book has quite literally changed my perceptions of reality and has motivated my preferred course in life to date. Regarding QI Macros, I have found that there was strong resistance to the macros due to the fact that, Minitab® is the default program of use for measuring process variables at Ford. Recently though, I shared the program contents with a Six Sigma black belt at Ford who was just blown away by the simplistic excellence of your program. It has taken a long time to infuse QI Macros at Ford yet, I firmly believe that the timing is just right for a more broader infusion of QI Macros at this time.

I believe that your teaching materials are the best format and most simplistic on the market. I am in a position to share your materials with the continuous improvement teams at my Ford location (Oakville assembly plant).

- Wallace Tait
Ford of Canada


On behalf of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality, I would like to thank you again for making our fall conference, Healthcare Transformation- Leaning Toward Improvement, a phenomenal success! We've received many positive compliments about the event, including the exhibitor's products and services. You and your company played a key role in helping us achieve this accomplishment!

- Bob Sturza, BBA, ASQ-CQA, CSSGB

Customer Service That Delights

Read More About Our Tech Support and Customer Service

Your customer service is outstanding! I’ve never encountered a nicer group, with such wonderful follow up! I love the program, and I work with it routinely during my day-to-day responsibilities as Manager of Performance Improvement at a large hospital system.

- Beth Schaefer, RN
Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers

I am very impressed with the customer service. So nice of you to call AND email me about this issue.

- Emily South
Westland Manufacturing

I emailed QI Macros and the help & speediness of the help was more than I could have expected. Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service and I look forward to using you in the future.

- Program Manager
Community College

I love the functionality in QI Macros and missed it terribly when I got a new PC. Thanks for helping me reinstall it on my new computer.

- Cheryl Long
Howard Young Healthcare

I want to thank Jay Arthur for his great technical support/help in setting up QI Macros in my Macintosh.  He provided excellent customer service, and demonstrated excellent people skills.

- Rudy Ayala

You provide phenomenal support. Our phone call today and the information you sent, etc. was better than any customer support I have ever received from any company before. Thank you!

- Stephen Hess

Quality Consultants / Trainers / Professors

In my Six Sigma courses, I have students draw a Pareto chart by hand. Over the last ten years the student’s time has ranged from 43 minutes to 75 minutes. Then I have them use QI Macros for the same data. WOW! In 20 seconds they have a finished Pareto. They are always amazed at the speed and the color combinations they can create. QI Macros makes a big difference in teaching process improvement tools. Thank you Jay.

- David Meyer Ph.D., PE
Professor at Sinclair Community College
Dayton, Ohio

spc software for students

What Quality Consultants and Instructors Have to Say About QI Macros

The ability to have and use QI Macros as part of my teaching tools greatly helps me provide high value training in process improvement.

- Jim Lawrence
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, ASQ CSSBB

Kindly accept my congratulations on designing a wonderful software. For all these years in my SS journey, I have only been using Minitab®. Just started with QI last week. Already making me realize what I missed out on all these years.

- Chandra Vishy
Head - Faculty and Co-Founder
The School of Continuous Improvement

Let me say that I LOVE using Macros. It has made my life as a graduate student so much easier.

- Megan Donohue

I’m an ex-FPLer, who has used QI Macros ever since you put it together. It’s a great tool that most of my clients use with ease. As you know, from the FPL school of learning, we want the tools to look like they were developed to look. It’s also good to have them set up to be easily accessed and applied to data. QI Macros does all that and more, plus it has remained a good value – especially when compared with Minitab®.

Now when I’m teaching Lean and Six Sigma, I pull up QI Macros in Excel to show the class participants what it can do, and how easy it is to use, and mention that the tools come out looking like they should look.

- Michael R. Kelly
Total Quality Management Services, Inc.

I'm a very active user of your QI Macros in all my classes. Thanks again - and a special thanks from one of my students that called you a few months ago. He told the class that he spoke "TO THE MAN HIMSELF". We all got a chuckle since he told us that lost his voice for a moment when Jay answered the phone. And I told him that this is customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Dr. Deming says that you must 'delight' the customer, and you most certainly did, all 20 of us.

- Forrest Thornton
Rivier College, Nashua, NH

QI Macros is a technically reliable and very cost effective solution for our college; and very intuitive to use. The performance of this Excel add-in compares very well to other software that costs much more.

- Truett
Adjunct Instructor, Quality Manager

I have used QI Macros in a non-Six Sigma manpower projection application, and I am truly impressed. The accuracy and utility of its results have been independently and enthusiastically validated by a Sr. statistician who was unaware of the specific application being used.

- Mark Lefcowitz, CMBB, PMP, CLM

QI Macros SPC software has outstanding value, particularly when compared to software packages that cost $300 to $400! It has all the functionality needed for leading, managing, and performing the technical work of quality/process improvement and product/service development efforts. The user friendliness is excellent. The training and technical support is excellent. Highly recommended!

- Allen Gates
Univ of Wisconsin
Six Sigma Instructor

"Love your product - it's all the stat power anybody in aviation management
would ever need and far better than anything else."

- Christopher Nutter
USC Aviation Safety & Security Program Instructor

I tried QI Macros and bought it. I tried the others and there is no comparison. If anything will get you started on quality improvement, this is it. Try it, Buy it, Use it, and you will feel a whole lot better about yourself.

- J Dinges
University of New Mexico

QI Macros worked perfectly for the assignment we did on control charts. It is a great tool, and thank you for allowing me to use it with the students, so students know the tool is available for when they join the workforce.

- Patty

Most projects can be done with the 7 basic tools. Starting with the easy stuff and quick hits has tremendous advantages. Four well-prioritized straightforward GB projects are quicker to complete and more likely to get implemented than one or two with a lot of Minitab® graphs and statistics. The use of QI Macros / GB projects enables deeper and wider penetration into the organization giving the process and skills a greater opportunity to become part of “the way we do business here."

- Kent Sterett
Premiere Performance Network

I sponsored a debate at our Cincinnati Six Sigma User's Group meeting last month comparing and asking participation by those in attendance to express their experience with either software program. 100% of those who chose to speak all agreed that 90% of all projects need nothing more sophisticated than the nice and easy, no training required, QI Macros authored by Jay Arthur and updated quarterly for a modest fee.

- Daryl N. Zeigler, MD, MMM, CPE, CSSBB

Your software has been ideal for explaining process control and six sigma tools to folks in small business who can't afford the high-priced stuff and don't really want to make a career in statistics.

- Lonnie Mitschelen

I have been a fan and advocate for QI Macros for about as long as you have been in business. For the past 10 years I have been an ISO 9000 Consultant and use QI Macros for my data analysis and have had most of my customers buy QI Macros. All of my customers are small companies, QI Macros meets and exceeds their needs at a fraction of the costs of a Minitab or other similar products.

- Tom Arneson
Focus Consulting LLC

I greatly appreciate your no nonsense approach to the real focus of what "Six Sigma" should be. Should be about the green (i.e., money) and not about the certificates. Keep up the great work!

I regularly use your QI Macros SPC software and find it so easily and unpretentious compared to Minitab®, etc.

- Matthew Neal

I have been reading your Lean Six Sigma Demystified book and absolutely love it. I have at least a dozen books on Six Sigma in my library and yours is by far the best, most clear cut, easy to read book on the subject that I have found. I have also purchased your QI Macros and now amaze my friends and co-workers with the ease and speed of my Pareto charts and other stats.

- Bob Miller
Training Manager

You guys get the idea of customer satisfaction. I teach several MBA classes in Operations and Six Sigma and always use your QI Macros software in my demos. Students really enjoy six sigma for golf.

- James V Krejc
V.P. Operation
Lovejoy Inc.

Thank you for your quick and helpful responses over the last week. Your concern for your customers is evident and appreciated. I am a quality consultant by profession and an adjunct professor teaching grad students Business/Quality Mgt related courses. I highly recommend your products to my clients and my students. Even though the University requires the students to use SigmaFlow products, QI Macros is easier to use and certainly a great value and now I will add my positive experience with your support to my list of praise.

- Ernie Ehlinger

I have been using your Six Sigma Simplified and QI Macros for over four years now with great success. This is great software that takes the students far. With all the courses run over this four year span the total project savings exceed $21 million. What a benefit for our local businesses.

- David G. Meyer
Sinclair Community College

QI Macros is my lifeline!

- Bev Dugar
Healthcare Consultant

I have used QI Macros for several years now and find it is a great tool for most projects. I am also pleased to see you are maintaining your very reasonable prices.

- Kevin Henson
Business and Industry Services Coordinator
Great Plains Technology Center

I love your product and use it frequently when working with manufacturers here in western Montana. Most of our manufacturers are very small and while I also have three of your more expensive competitors loaded on my computer, I usually use QI Macros because it’s easy to use, everyone can relate to it since it is Excel-based, it does everything the manufacturers need to do, and it’s within their price range. It’s a great product.

- Kreg Worrest, Field Engineer
Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

I've run an all-day seminar on statistics/statistical thinking at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement ( IHI) conference for the last 10 years. I think your QI Macros is an excellent value and the type of things that most of my clients need, rather than an expensive package of which they would only use a very small subset. BRAVO! to you for recognizing what most folks actually need!

- Davis Balestracci

Last night in my class several of my students said that the money spent on QI Macros was great deal. They especially liked the training tips.

- Jerry McCollum
St Petersburg College

We are certainly impressed with the value of your product for such an affordable investment. We have 4-5 clients with whom we will be talking to regarding QI Macros. And I'm sure there will be others in the near future.

- Natalie Rhode, VP
JFR Innovation Group

I use QI Macros to create our Measurement and Analysis Workshop and our Software Estimation Workshop. Based on that experience, I recommend all of our engineering clients consider QI Macros as a tool to incorporate into their processes for analyzing process data. Even when they are starting out, they are able to get a feel for (and actually become somewhat excited about) what they WILL be able to do once they develop enough data to draw valid conclusions.

Our clients are engineering organizations and have some initial resistance to detailed measurement and statistical control of their processes. As a result of this resistance, reasonable cost, ease of use, and ease of analysis are essential attributes of any tool that will be adopted. A significant component of "reasonable cost" is that these engineering organizations have the ability and the inclination to create their own tools in Excel. (That's the direction I initially took, so I can generally convince them of how bad an idea that is.)

I looked at a number of alternatives (some much more expensive than QI Macros, some in the same price range); QI Macros was head and shoulders above the competition in price/performance.

- Robert Bamford
Software Systems Quality Consulting

Your software is wonderful and takes care of most statistical tools that an enterprise may ever require.

- Vishwadeep Khatri
Benchmark Quality Systems Pvt. Ltd.

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent toolkit - QI Macros. I purchased the starter kit #255 and have been looking it over. I agree with your assessment of the traditional six sigma approach of overkill. Your macro’s do the job as efficiently with less time and cost to our clients.

You did an excellent job on these macro’s. I would like to offer you my congratulations on a job well done.

- John Maceda
Applied Knowledge Systems Inc.

QI Macros is a great program for managing instructional improvement in the classroom. I hope to really encourage its use in my workshops and in a new teacher handbook.

- Ron Fitzgerald
Minuteman School of Applied Arts and Sciences

Not having large corporations for clients, software price is always a consideration and QI Macros is a great value. As most of the clients I work with already use Excel, I have found when training Green and Black Belt classes QI Macros to be a great training aid for the statistical computer lab work. I am very pleased to have it as part of the software UpwardPerformance uses and recommends.

- Jerry Mairani
UpwardPerformance, LLC

We just used your material to train some of our clients on SPC and got a very favorable response. All 3 companies expressed interest in the entire package.

- Ray Anderson
American Business Concepts

I am the president of a consulting firm that helps companies with Six Sigma and other forms of organizational improvement. We are looking into buying your QI Macros and came across the ten lies. I feel compelled to comment. You are in many ways right on the money. I appreciate your willingness to post such comments. I am a former TQM person and have seen most of what there is to offer in the Quality realm. It makes me nuts how companies feel they must spend millions on training Black Belts to improve their situation. I see it all the time. This self promoting nature of Six Sigma professionals is pure hypocrisy and may ultimately be the downfall. After all, how many companies are going to waste millions on training with no results even though it is the fault of the leadership for thinking that Six Sigma training is all they need, they will blame it on Six Sigma.

- Greg Sieber
6 Sigma Tech

What About the Competition?


"Expensive and Complex"

"Difficult to Use"

What about the competition

I have been in the Quality Assurance and Training fields for more than 15 years. In this role I have had the opportunity to use a number of statistical analysis software packages….none, let me repeat none have been as easily to use as QI Macros.

Most, if not all, of the other “more powerful” analysis platforms require you to import your data, QI Macros works its magic right in Excel. It is so simple to use that little if any training is required. Additionally the cost of QI Macros can’t be beat..

- Steven E. Levow
BP Solar

Our Healthcare Users Say...

I had one office person go to a Greenbelt training class which used Minitab®. He came back and couldn't even create a Pareto chart. I showed him how to do it with QI Macros and he learned how to do it in, well, 5 seconds. tough stuff.

- Patient Safety Manager

I use your program frequently and love it. Our health system has Chart Runner and I find it just too difficult to use (the same is felt by many other PI employees here).

- Audrey Wellham, MBA, BS, RN : P.I.
Clinical Nurse Lead, Baptist Hospital

I met you at the IHI conference last year and was so pleased to learn about your software. I am a very strong advocate of SPC and CQI, but most software is very complex (SAS) for the average user or not pretty in its output. It took our company a while to purchase, but I am very pleased with your product. It does everything you said it would and the cost is an unbelievable value. Many thanks for developing such a useful tool!!!

- Kate Felix, PhD, RN

I like your educational and guerrilla marketing style. We have purchased 5 copies of QI Macros and find it a good value, after working for years in SPSS (with annual software license fees).So now I am going to order the "Complete System" and see what it will do. I am a bit of a guerrilla fighter myself, managing the clinical quality improvement department of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, which has not adopted Six Sigma & I am willing to experiment with it and test its use in our environment within my department, and thank goodness my boss is tolerant of my search for better ways to find that 4% that is costing us so much. Look for an order and a check from BCBSKC soon.

- David Wilson, R.N., MSN, MBA
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

Our Manufacturing Users Say...

I have tested your software and also tested Minitab®. Your software just seems to be the better of the two. I will place my order today.

- Jim Riepe
Quality Specialist

I have Minitab®, but I also have QI Macros because you can never have enough good tools. With QI Macros, I can create a chart in Excel and send it to everyone because they all have Excel, but not everyone has Minitab®.

- Gui Condon

I found your software to be excellent and in fact I am comfortable using it compared against SPSS.

- Antonio (Tony) Lee

My system crashed and I lost everything. I especially missed having QI Macros for data analysis and charts for my presentations until I was able to get it reloaded. QI Macros makes all the difference in the world. I also have access to Minitab® but QI Macros is much easier to use.

- Janette Grimes
Six Sigma Blackbelt

After testing this program I like it so much (even though I have both Statistica and Minitab®), I am recommending it to several engineers in different sites of our company. Since it is embedded in Excel, I don't need to go back and forth like the other software.

- Engineer at Software Company

I have been in the Quality Assurance and Training fields for more than 15 years. In this role I have had the opportunity to use a number of statistical analysis software packages….none, let me repeat none have been as easily to use as QI Macros.

Most if not all of the other “more powerful” analysis platforms require you to import your data, QI Macros works its magic right in Excel. It is so simple to use that in most instances little if any training is required. Additionally the cost of the software / macros can’t be beat.

I’m also impressed with the problem solving and six sigma training material your organization offers. Simple and to the point…within my organization we have a very diverse workforce consisting of approx. 15 different nationalities. For many English is a second language. Using a story book approach particularly for your problem solving materials was a stroke of genius. Keep up the good work.

- Steven E. Levow
BP Solar

I've worked most of the jobs in manufacturing and the QI Macros will handle 99% of the typical problems you find.

QI Macros are simple and straightforward compared to Minitab® which has too many confusing options. And QI Macros will work anywhere, shop or office environment. It is readily available even when a network connection is not available. All you need is a laptop with excel and you are good to go. You can spend a lot more for SPC software, but you won't get the convenience and clarity you get from QI Macros. Thanks Jay. You help make my job easier.

- Paul Bronzo 

I have to share some success stories. First of all, I am currently in a Lean Master Black Belt certification process. The program uses Minitab® but a licensed seat of Minitab® is not part of the class. I signed up for a 30-day trial for Minitab® and QI Macros at the same time. I was able to do a side-by-side comparison and I was instantly productive with QI Macros (No surprise to you). Minitab® definitely has more bells and whistles, but I don’t know how to use them. I was so impressed with QI Macros, I purchased it on my own.

Second, Since I last talked to you, I facilitated a process improvement project in out receiving area. Using the tools in your book, we took the receiving throughput process time from 3 days to 3 hours! To say your tools and methods were a huge success is an understatement. Thanks for developing simple and effective tools.

- Keith Rutledge 
Quality Engineer
Quest Aircraft Company, LLC

Testimonials on Other Products and Services

Lean Six Sigma Books and Seminars

You are to be commended for the curriculum that you have put together for Green Belt training. It is straight forward and much easier to grasp than the material I have seen from other more expensive programs.

- Kevin Beard

have purchased several of your books and find your approach to be refreshing and immediately useful -- compared ALL other lean or six sigma course ware and content.

- Mark Kovar

I recently bought your books: Lean Six Sigma Demystified and Free, Perfect and Now - and I had to write to you to say how much I love those books. You present the concepts in such a down-to-earth way that is so easy to understand, that I completely marvel. Because I've read other works, and they don't begin to come close. I came across your work via your youtube videos, and got hooked from that point on and had to purchase your books. I feel very inspired. I had to say a personal thank you!!

- Moni

I love your approach and material. Recommending your QI Macros to all of my friends. You're really helping me understand and do concepts that before were a mystery. Your stuff is great!

- Stephen Newlon

I have to admit that I was not a big fan of the current wave of Lean and Six Sigma being pushed by NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnerships, Engineering Schools and Consulting firms in the market today.

I recently purchased a copy of Lean Six Sigma Demystified. I watched the webinar, re-read the book and watched the webinar a second time. I think I now better understand why I have disliked Lean and Six Sigma. The Big Money Consulting Firms want everyone to implement Lean and or Six Sigma as a huge sweeping "next big thing". You suggest a simple, practical, data driven, step by step method for implementation.

You have made it even simpler: LSS solves three business problems, delay, defects and variation. Thank you.

- Tom Arneson
Focus Consulting LLC

I wanted to thank you for all the amazing information you have on your site, books and free stuff. After reading the Small Business Guerrilla Guide for Six Sigma I felt relieved because some of the experiences described I thought were only happening at my company. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge in a simple and easy way and for encouraging people like me who works with 6 sigma to improve and be more productive in the 6 sigma implementation.

- Luz Elena Mayorga

I just finished taking a 4 week Six Sigma course. It was 4 weeks total, 1 week per month. Each week was 4 days of gobs of information using a software that their employees are familiar with and then a 2+ hour exam on Friday. I bombed the last 2 exams and was taking it pretty hard. Is it a fair assumption to still have questions after the flood of information over those 4 days? I started to practice some of what I learned and was feeling a little lost.

Then I purchased one of your books and read the paragraph about learning more tools than you might ever use. Your book seems more useful than the 3 weeks of books that they've made for their course. Too bad I didn't get it months ago.

- Quality Engineer

Six Sigma is daunting, but I find your articles and "freeware" very user friendly. I got confused during a training session in trying to understand which tool went to which process and your Six Sigma Quick Reference Card makes it so much easier "at-a-glance."

- Rochelle Burningham
Bechtel SAIC Co., LLC

I have worked in Software QA for nearly 10 years and slowly became interested in the real cause of the many problems I came across in my work: as you say, people work in their business but not on it. It is slowly changing, thankfully.

I started to get interested in process improvement auditing and that is where I am training myself. I really appreciate you emphasis on the 4% causing 50% of the problems experience in a business. And I think that businesses need to teach their employees how to gather, track, and analyze data.

Your toolset seems like a great addition to the challenge. How can you improve "it" when you don't really know what "it" is and where "it" is going? So silly but still allowed in business. I presently work in the Heath Insurance field as a data tester and to see how ignorant people are of statistical process control is amazing. Thanks for being one more voice to get things turned around.

- Michael B. Babbitt, MA, CSQE, CISA

I just purchased your book and love it! The layout is extremely exceptional:

1. One major thought per page. 2. Clear and concise writing 3. Excellent QI Story 4. Large paperback makes it easy to sift through pages. Thanks for the large font size (easy on the eyes).

- Allen M Green

I want you to know that I am giving presentations three times a month to our suppliers and instructing them on the different tools available to them in Six Sigma and how these tools can reshape their business. When I am finished with my presentation I put a slide up that has your web address and phone number on it and I tell all of the vendors that they need to visit your web site and order your Six Sigma kit.

I just came from a meeting and one of the vendors, Berwick-Offray, who attended my class ordered your kit and they are very happy with the kit and especially the macros and they have already increased the scope of where they now feel they can use Six Sigma in their company. This is only one example of many vendors who have discovered the power of Six Sigma since attending our company presentation and visiting your web site.

As a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with more than $30,000 of Six Sigma training under my belt I feel I am qualified to state categorically that your products and methods are truly outstanding and, most important of all, they get RESULTS.

- Brittain Ladd
Manager of Domestic Transportation
Michaels Stores, Inc.

The quality training market is flooded with so many different approaches, it was a blessing to learn about Six Sigma from you without the monetary investment the others require. I believe Six Sigma is a great tool for problem-solving. As a newly appointed Quality Assurance Administrator, I am anxious to start using these tools. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us beginners!

- Cecelia Brendel
E.D. Etnyre & Co.

Your Six-Sigma Simplified program is outstanding-- and fantastically priced! I KNEW there had to be an alternative to $15,000 Courses in Six Sigma or Lean Mfg that make our General Manager go apoplectic and our President laugh.

I'm going through everything carefully-- because it sounds too good to be true-- but you've hit all the buzzers that have prevented us from making progress so far and it looks like a well laid out progressive plan. We will be in touch!!!

- Kris Canfield

Jay - thanks for a great introductory session. Although I have read SixSigma Simplified and Six Sigma Instructor's Guide this session helped pull the ideas together for me. I am convinced that this is the approach I should be using in class and also with the small firms that I consult with.

- Thomas M. Box
Professor of Management
Pittsburg State University

I learned so much from you that I told one of my co-workers about it. Now she wants to attend your next class. The knowledge I gained was definitely worth the investment. I would encourage anyone using or contemplating Six Sigma to attend.

- Mindi Crozier
Cox Communication

This is brilliant thinking. Thank you for caring enough to communicate it so widely to others. I have written this in my daybook, on my whiteboard, and on a mini-whiteboard I keep in my car.

I have committed to putting this thought pattern into action as "What is the next step to be taken on this and how will it be worth it?" The next step thinking has become part and parcel of project management (it took about 3 workdays of intense practice), so I think this enhancement will fit easily and perfectly. What a boost for my To Do list!

- April M. Bly-Monnen
Technical Information / QA Manager
Inova Corporation

Jay -- Thank you for a great hour today. I have your QI Macros and your 6-sigma books, but your explanation made them come alive. Now I will use them in a different light. I've even recommended that our COO attend your next presentation.

- Kevin R. Gilson
TQM Manager
Sierra Military Health Services, Inc.

Thanks for your lessons on Six Sigma. I gave a presentation to a group of MBA students and what I learned from your lessons gave me so much pep and confidence. Keep up the good job.

- Elizabeth Agu

I love your articles. The article about DOE was excellent. I remember sitting through DOE class at both the Black Belt and Master Black Belt level. My Master Black Belt class was made up of engineers from GM and engineers from Perkin-Elmer.

One person in class had a Ph.D. in math and statistics. I was the only person in the class who was not an engineer. Even though everyone in class, except me, had a strong math and statistics background they were all shaking their heads trying to figure out how to do DOE. Everyone was asking why in the world so much time was being spent on the formulas involved in DOE instead of how to use the software. I think it would be great to attend one of your classes.

- Brittain Ladd
Michaels Art and Craft Store

I am writing a thesis on Six Sigma in Healthcare, originally taking the position that SS is just repackaged TQM. I've read the books, white papers, case studies -- you name it. But your course has changed my mind!

You have helped it make sense! Thanks for the vast amount of information on the web site. I appreciate your hard work.

- Bev Dugar

I started reading The Small Business Guerrilla Guide to Six Sigma and find it to make a lot of sense. I think some six-sigma authors and practitioners have over complicated the topic by over emphasizing some of the more complicated statistical improvement techniques. I really identified with your cycle time example in the book (pg. 47) as I had a similar experience on a project with a credit card company. We were able to reduce their written correspondence cycle time from an average of 24 days to an average of one-day processing for 90% of the work.

- Ken Leonhard

Lean Six Sigma Demystified

I recently read your books (Lean Six Sigma Demystified, Six Sigma Simplified, Lean Simplified) and I must say that from all the books that I read you explain all the topics in the most concise and detailed manner. Thank you for writing them. I have learned more from your books then the other 3 six sigma books I have read.

- Joe Calabrese

This is a very well written book that explains the lean six sigma concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their processes, eliminate waste and improve lead times.

- Richard H. Stillions
Cordova, TN

Custom Programming

Jay - the final product is just great!! Thanks so much! I am sure I will be calling on you again in the future. You've made my worklife so much easier.

- John Neikirk

More Lean Six Sigma Book Reviews from Readers...

I have been working in health care continuous quality improvement (CQI) for more than 15 years. When I read your book (Lean Six Sigma Demystified) and watched your videos online, it all clicked! I got it! You were the author of my “Aha! Moment”. From the moment I started reading the book and watching the videos, all of the things you said made perfect sense to me – they just immediately “clicked” in my brain! It was amazing and so inspiring. I immediately bought QI Macros software and started using it at work. My boss was so impressed with my “new reports” that she asked me what had changed. When I told her about QI Macros and your book, she immediately saw the value and bought the book and the software for our entire team. Your book, videos, and software program(s) have been the best quality improvement tool that I have ever used and I recommend them to anyone that wants to improve any process in any business.

- Rebecca Petrella
Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt
Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region

We are gaining some momentum around Lean/Six Sigma again so I’m glad there’s a book that cuts through the theory and gets down to business. I bought the book at a seminar a while back. Jay was there and I was doing some work on reducing Lab TAT. We’ve made a lot of improvements and I was able to use QI Macros value stream map and EMEA.

- Charlotte Damato
QI Coach (Lean/Six Sigma)
Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

I decided to pickup your book (Lean Six Sigma DeMystified) to gain more insight regarding the Six Sigma process during my hiatus.

I just finished reading the Preface and you "hit home" with me based on my experience at my former company. I love what you wrote - "...become a money belt: someone who can find ways to make dramatic improvements in speed and quality that translate into cost savings or more sales because of improved performance."

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and increasing the arsenal of tools that I can apply.

- Tom Palen

This book is easy to read and understand. I purchased it after reading a number of book reviews and after paging through several books on the subject. My goal was to develop systematic problem solving skills and this book along with it’s tools is now my reference manual. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to apply critical thinking to solve problems.

- Jim Whittet
Mequon, WI

Practical and very helpful. Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air. It's very well-written, easy to read, and uses a down to earth style, with a lot of great humor sprinkled in. It is very different from most books on quality and process improvement I've read. It recommends a pragmatic approach to problem-solving that simplifies the principles from Lean and Six Sigma and uses just a few basic tools to focus on 90% of the process problems a business wrestles with. I found the streamlined process improvement approach which is outlined in the book to be very helpful.

- E. Drue

I found this a great book on practical rapid and minimal tools for deployment of six sigma. Its great from that perspective and has many great tips including my favourites, the 70/70/70 and 4/50 rules of thumb.

Its NOT about using lean tools and methodologies supported by six sigma tools and methodologies, which is what I was expecting. Having said that, it was a great and easy read and has inspired me to push for more rapid (but effective) turnover of projects.

Given our target is 90 day turnover, I would like to see how I go with the leaned down six sigma process.

- David J. Vize "Beany"
Townsville, Australia

A teacher once said that a sign of brilliance is the ability to make the overly complex simple. Jay is one of those people who can take advanced statistical techniques and boil them down until he has theory and techniques usable by the common man. If you're not designing and manufacturing missiles, jet engines, artificial hearts or CAT scans, you probably will never have an opportunity or need to employ the most advanced tools of Six Sigma. Nevertheless, you shouldn't miss out on the competitive advantage and the other benefits Lean Six Sigma can bring to your business; this book allows you the opportunity to blend the best of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma together, so you can compete "better, faster, and cheaper."

Most practitioners will tell you that we use the same few tools over and over again and make tremendous impact on the businesses of our clients. I especially like the software (QI Macros) that he mentions in his book. For years, we've been struggling with engineering-based software that is complicated enough that I have to pull out my manual every time I want to use it---and, then, my clients can't read the data as they don't have that expensive package. QI Macros run on Excel, so just about everyone in an office setting has access to the data, which makes it so much easier and user-friendly.

I've been using Jay's products for about 8 years now, and immediately ordered this book as soon as he sent me an email saying that it was going to be released. His book and other learning materials hold a prominent space in my Quality improvement library.

- A. S. Joyce
"Certified Six Sigma Black Belt"

I bought the book and have read it. Very interesting and useful. Have started applying it to my printing business. Thank you.

- Tom Chase

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

QI Macros Yellow Belt Training is a really good introduction to improvement. It’s all you need to get started in healthcare.

- Gwen West

I have your book Lean Six Sigma Demystified and I found the money belt training on your web site. I am enjoying the videos. I have worked in health care for 26 years and have an MBA in Health Care management and I have always enjoyed process improvement and root cause analysis. I am low on extra ash for the other expensive Six Sigma courses so was glad to find your online resources.

Thanks for making this information available to those of us who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on courses.

- Elizabeth Phillips

You give Lean Six Sigma Training as a gift :-) !!! And I have seen you on video ... you are the most authentic person I have ever seen. From your video it is possible to see that you are able to understand and solve any complex problem!!! I am Six Sigma Black Belt certified in Czech Republic.

- Jiri Goth

Your webinars have been so valuable to me supplementing my audit methodology experience in corporate audit. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

- Jayne De Point