Do You Spend Too Much Time Making Charts?

Frustrated with Six Sigma Project Documentation?

You are not alone. Most Six Sigma and SPC software treats your valuable time like it’s an abundant resource; but it’s not. Software should do as much of the work as possible. That’s why we created QI Macros SPC Software for Excel as a shortcut to Lean Six Sigma results.

There's no doubt in my mind that QI Macros is the simplest product to use and a much more effective solution for the vast majority of business problems than are SAS, Minitab, JMP or any other of the much more expensive statistical software packages."

- Jack B. ReVelle, Ph.D. Consulting Statistician

Why Choose QI Macros Over Other SPC and Six Sigma Software?

easy to use
QI Macros is Easy to Use

QI Macros is a Microsoft Excel add-in. You'll always be in Excel and don't have to learn a new software program. QI Macros shows up as a separate tab on Excel's menu. It's point and click simple. Just select your data, then click on QI Macros menu and then on the chart you want.

Not sure which chart or statistical test is best for your data? QI Macros has built in rules (wizards) that can select the right chart, control chart or statistical test for you. These "wizards" slash the Six Sigma learning curve by helping beginners automatically get the right chart or statistic.

affordable spc add in
QI Macros is Affordable

At just $369 USD for a single user license, and less with quantity discounts, QI Macros is the most affordable spc software on the market. How can we sell for a fraction of the cost of our competitors? Easy, we let Excel do all of the heavy lifting.

QI Macros is a perpetual license, meaning you only buy it once. No annual subscriptions or fees. And we don't charge for technical support.

QI Macros is Powerful

QI Macros will be the most important tool in your quality toolkit. It contains more than 40 charts, 140 Lean Six Sigma templates and 30 statistical tests.

QI Macros was first developed over twenty years ago and we've taken all of the wisdom gained from our customers over the years and built that into our code. We automated everything we can think of. Create, update, and analyze charts with just a click. QI Macros "wizards" will analyze your data and select the right chart, control chart or statistical test for you. Many of our tools even interpret the results for you!

qi macros users
Who Uses QI Macros?

QI Macros has more than 100,000 users in at least 80 countries. It is used in more than 3,000 healthcare facilities in the US including 100 VA hospitals. Thousands of manufacturers, both large and small, use QI Macros. We are used in service industries like banking, insurance, and hospitality. QI Macros is used by many government agencies and is the software of choice for many college and professional courses.

QI What do our Customers Say?

QI Macros consistently gets top ratings from our customers. Here are some examples.

Google plus: 4.8 of 5 | Capterra: 5 of 5 | CNET: 4.5 of 5.

Read what CNET Editors, industry experts and customers have to say about QI Macros.

compare spc software
SPC Software Comparison

Before you make a Spc software choice, take a look at the facts. Our customers tell us that QI Macros is less expensive, faster and easier to learn and use than our competitors and provides all the tools they will ever need.