QI Macros is Affordable because...

it is an Excel add-in, not a separate software application.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on Lean Six Sigma training and consultants, and then skimp on software.

Why train someone and then not give them the necessary tools?

Don't let cost be the reason. By choosing QI Macros, you'll be able to buy software for all of your team members.
no tools

QI Macros starts at $369 USD and is less with quantity discounts.

Single User
1 License

$369 USD

per license
1 user-1 computer

2 to 9


per license
1 user-1 computer

10 to 24


per license
1 user-1 computer

25 to 49


per license
1 user-1 computer

50 to 99


per license
1 user-1 computer

QI Macros is the best quality software for the buck! As a consultant, I preach about its value when conducting training sessions on Quality and Lean.

- Jeffrey Hewes
Quality Engineer, Husky

No Hidden Fees

  • QI Macros is a perpetual (one-time purchase) license.
  • No annual subscription costs or fees.
  • No charge for technical support.
no hidden fees

QI Macros are so much less expensive than other software that does the same thing, and they fully fill the requirements for automotive. And probably for other businesses as well. It's a great way to have it all for less. And in a format that we all know-Excel.

- Bob Galmish

Can't brag enough about QI Macros. It is the most easy to use inexpensive tool out there. Best of all its for real people not just statisticians and computer nerds. I have been using it for over 5 years and would recommend it to anyone. 

- Sandra Fly RN,BS
Director of Ambulatory Quality Mgmt
Univ of TX Health Center

I’ve been using your QI Macros for the last ten years and have always found them the best and lowest cost tool available. The other “stat” and charting programs are way too expensive and complex for most of the QA people that I’ve trained.

- Steve Hoyt
Program Chair ASQ Columbus Section