Struggling with Creating a Gage R&R Template in Excel?

Why This Matters: Measurement errors cause rework and waste. Even if you don't know ANYTHING about GR&R, QI Macros GR&R template will do it all.

Gage R&R Example Using QI Macros Template and Ford Test Data

QI Macros includes an easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks Gage R&R template that:

  • performs all of the calculations
  • interprets the results for you (acceptable or needs improvement)
  • is compatible with AIAG Measurement Systems Analysis - MSA, Fourth Edition

Gage R&R Template Input Area

Per AIAG recommendations, the template is designed for up to 3 Appraisers, 5 trials and 10 parts. Just fill in the blanks.

gage r&r input sheet

After you input your data, just scroll down to view the results.

Go Deeper: Gage R&R template uses three methods to evaluate your measurement system

Average and Range Method Results in the Gage R&R Template

  1. Key cells are shaded turquoise, yellow or red, based on their values:
  2. A message regarding Gage System acceptability and recommendations are provided.
  3. Turquoise = This aspect of your Gage System is acceptable
    Yellow = This aspect of your Gage System MAY be acceptable
    Red = This aspect of your Gage System needs improvement

  4. NDC Calculation in row 53 indicates whether you have enough part variation for a valid test:
  5. average and range method calculations

Specification Tolerance Method Results in the Gage R&R Template

Spec tolerance can be input into cell B:45. The calculations for % EV, % AV and %R&R using the spec tolerance are displayed in column C just next to the Average and Range method results in column B.

ANOVA Method Results

gage r&r study anova method results

Select the Constant you would like to use for your study (6 or 5.15):


6 (AIAG Standard): Introduced in AIAG 3rd Edition, this constant assumes that 99.73% of data falls within the Standard Deviation of the mean.

5.15 (Alternate multiplier): Introduced in AIAG 1st Edition, this old AIAG standard assumes that 99% of data falls within the Standard Deviation of the mean.

QI Macros calculations have been tested and validated against the AIAG MSA 4th edition. For more details view this Gage R&R validation test using Ford Motor Co data.

Honest Gage R&R

Added to the Gage R&R MSA 4th and Gage R&R 30-Parts templates in our April 2022 release, this output references Dr. Donald J. Wheeler's belief that there are specific problems with Gage R&R studies:


An Honest Gage R&R Study is a simplified version of a Basic EMP Study (Evaluating the Measurement Process), and Dr. Wheeler believes it provides more in-depth outputs then standard MSA 4th studies - this is found in his book, "EMP III Using Imperfect Data" (pgs. 232-235).

To learn more about why you might consider conducting an Honest Gage R&R, along with definitions regarding these different outputs, click here to read Dr. Wheeler's article.

QI Macros saved us a ton of time.
They take all the guesswork out of it.

- Richard Nardini, Apptec

Control Charts, Histograms, Scatter and Box Plots to Visualize Your Results

QI Macros template creates numerous charts to help you analyze the results. The most popular are grouped to the right of the calculations in columns R:AB. The remaining are displayed below the calculations. For more information about these charts refer to the AIAG MSA manual.


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