How to do Gage R&R When Parts are Destroyed When Measured

QI Macros has a ready made template for you.

Use QI Macros Gage R&R Study Template to Perform Non-replicable Destructive Testing:

Select your parts as follows:

  1. The samples for Part 1 (that will be repeated by a single operator, and those to be reproduced by another operator) should come from as nearly a homogeneous sample/batch as possible.
  2. The samples used as Part 2 should be from a different batch, different production run, or have sufficient time to allow long term variation to occur.
  3. Repeat for Part 3, 4, 5, etc.:
  4. gage-r-and-r-one-sided

  5. The results will show some variation in equipment because of the variation in destructive tests:
  6. gage-r-and-r-one-sided-percent

  7. The Gage R&R template will show that 21.1% for the %R&R means that the gage system may be acceptable (given destructive testing has occurred and we can't use the same part twice).

You don't have to be an expert.
Use QI Macros Gage R&R template to mistake-proof your calculations.

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