Gage R&R Destructive Testing with One-Sided Tolerance

Compatible with AIAG MSA 4th Edition Manual

Use the QI Macros Gage R&R Study Template to Perform Non-replicable Destructive Testing:

In brief, you should select your parts as follows:

  1. The samples for Part 1 (that will be repeated by a single operator, and those to be reproduced by another operator) should come from as nearly a homogeneous sample/batch as possible.
  2. The samples used as Part 2 should be from a different batch, different production run, or have sufficient time to allow long term variation to occur.
  3. Repeat for Part 3, 4, 5, etc.:
  4. gage-r-and-r-one-sided

  5. The results will show some variation in equipment because of the variation in destructive tests:
  6. gage-r-and-r-one-sided-percent

  7. The Gage R&R template will show that 21.1% for the %R&R means that the gage system may be acceptable (given destructive testing has occurred and we can't use the same part twice).

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