Lean Six Sigma Templates in Excel

Is it too hard to create documentation for your Lean Six Sigma Project?

  • Drawing flowcharts, value stream maps and Ishikawa diagrams?
  • Updating monthly charts and dashboards?
  • Advanced analysis like Gage R&R, DOE, and so on?

Good news! QI Macros contains more than 140 time-saving fill-in-the-blank templates.

Lean Six Sigma Templates - the Basics

Templates are found in a few different places on QI Macros menu. Control Chart, Capability Analysis and Statistical templates are organized with their corresponding macros. The Lean Six Sigma templates and tools are located together and organized by major category.

lean six sigma templates in QI Macros

To open up any QI Macros template, just click on the QI Macros tab and then the template you want.

  • All input areas are shaded in yellow for easy identification.
  • Gray shaded areas are calculations that you generally want to stay away from.
  • Many templates are made up of several worksheets, so take a look at the worksheet tabs to see all of your options.

Some templates use Excel's drawing tools, some are pre-formatted forms to help you create documents, some are input forms that automatically create charts and some are powerful calculators that perform analysis like Gage R&R and DOE studies.

Some examples from our most popular templates

Automated Value Stream Map

Just type your data into the VSM Text tab:

Value Stream Map Data Input

The template then uses Excels drawing tools to create/update your Value Stream Map:

value stream map template example

Automated Fishbone Diagram

Just type your "whys" into the yellow shaded areas and then click the create fishbone button and QI Macros draws the fishbone for you.

5 whys template

create fishbone diagram button

fishbone diagram excel template

Gage R&R Template

Input areas are shaded yellow.

Calculations are shaded gray.

Hover over red triangles in top right of a cells for formulas, additional instructions and tips.

gage rr template example

Special Features

  1. Color Coded Results: In addition to the color coded input and calculation areas, QI Macros templates also use color to communicate results. Here is another example from the Gage R&R template.

    Green: Good | Yellow: Warning | Red: Needs Attention:

    color coded results
  2. Visible Formulas: The formulas for each calculated cell are visible to you in Excel's formula bar.
  3. Common Data Tabs: where appropriate (i.e. PPAP forms, FMEA forms), we have added a tab for common data. Enter part #s, supplier name, process description, etc once and all other tabs are linked and updated.
  4. Instruction Tabs: Each template contains an instructions tab.

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