QFD House of Quality

Use a QFD House of Quality to design new products, parts and processes.

quality function deployment house of quality

QI Macros Six Sigma software for Excel contains a QFD House of Quality Template. QI Macros installs a new menu on Excel's tool bar. To open the template, just click on QI Macros and then DOE Gage R&R FMEA and then QFD House of Quality.

doe gage rr menu

There are four options:

qfd template

Quality Function Deployment consists of four main steps:

  1. identify the customer's vital requirements for the product or service and translate them into design requirements.
  2. develop a service blueprint of an elegant, effective, and efficient delivery process
  3. evaluate alternative designs
  4. implement the newly designed process for delivery of the product or service

To create a Qfd using QI Macros...
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