Countermeasures Matrix

Purpose: Identify the countermeasures required to reduce or eliminate the root causes.

countermeasures matrix

Like ecological weed prevention, a countermeasure prevents problems from ever taking root in a process. A good countermeasure not only eliminates the root cause but also prevents other weeds from growing.

countermeasures matrix


  1. Transfer the problem statement and the root causes from your root cause analysis (Fishbone diagram).
  2. For each root cause, identify one to three broad countermeasures (what to do).
  3. Rank the effectiveness of each countermeasure (Low, Medium, or High)
  4. Identify the specific actions (how to do it) for implementing each countermeasure.
  5. Rank the feasibility (time, cost) of each specific action (Low, Medium, or High).
  6. Decide which specific actions to implement.

*Note: A Countermeasures Matrix/Prioritization Matrix can be used in place of an Effort-Impact Quadrant.

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