Control Plan Template in Excel

Create a control plan using QI Macros add-in

A control plan is a structured approach to aid in manufacturing quality products. A control plan helps to identify and implement value-added controls that are designed to minimize process and product variation.

QI Macros control plan templates are compatible with the latest AIAG Standards.

Control plan example

Control Plan template for Excel

How to create a control plan - step by step instructions

  1. QI Macros adds a new menu to Excel's tool-bar. Click on the QI Macros menu then the DOE, Gage RR, FMEA sub-menu and then Control Plan.
    control plan on QI Macros menu
  2. The template contains three worksheets: control plan, control plan special characteristics and control plan checklist.
  3. Input production control plan, and other high level information in the top sections of the template.
  4. For all the steps in the manufacturing process that are relevant to the control of the product quality, identify:
    • Processing equipment as precisely as possible (e.g., machine, device, jig, machine make, machine model number, asset #, etc.)
    • Characteristic reference number, starting with 1. If process flow diagrams or FMEA’s are available, cross reference number in this column
    • Special Product Characteristics
    • Process Characteristics that have a cause and effect relationship with the Product Characteristic
    • Specifications/tolerances
    • Measurement system: gages, fixtures, tools, and/or test equipment required to measure the part or process
    • Sample size and frequency
    • Control method: statistical process control, inspection, sampling
    • Reaction plan to avoid producing nonconforming product

For more detailed instructions, see the Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan manual published by the AIAG.

Control Plan - How to Video

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