Using Excel Formulas

Some users of the QI Macros miss the opportunity to use Excel's formulas to prepare the data for charting or analysis. QI Macros Excel Formulas Template provides an excellent starting point for many useful formulas. You can find it under Templates for Lean Six Sigma > Calculators > Excel Formulas. There are several types of formulas in the template: Time, Text, Average/Count/Sum, Lookup, Pass/Fail, Healthcare, and Finding Bad Data Formulas.

Time Formulas

Excel stores dates and times as a number (e.g., 41670.4270833333 is January 31, 2014 10:15). Sometimes you can use this number and other times you might want to convert it to minutes, hours, or days. Or you might want to convert month, day and year into this date format. The Time Formulas sheet has formulas for each of these calculations.

Excel Time Formulas Template - QI Macros

Text Formulas

Let's use Excel's functions to split a cell containing a first and last name into two cells. Simply, click on the cell next to the full name and insert a text function. It took me a while to find this function (MID):

: Excel Text Formulas Template - QI Macros

Average, Count, Sum Formulas

Sometimes you just need to average, count or sum data:

Excel Average, Count, Sum Formulas Template - QI Macros

Horizontal and Vertical Lookup Formulas

Sometimes you lookup data within a table either vertically or horizontally:

Excel Horizontal and Vertical Lookup Formulas Template - QI Macros

Pass/Fail Formulas

Sometimes you need to evaluate data to determine if it passes or fails:

Excel Pass/Fail Formulas Template - QI Macros

Healthcare Formulas

Healthcare needs to calculate errors/1000 patient days and many others:

Excel Healthcare Formulas Template - QI Macros

Finding Bad Data using Conditional Formatting

The most common mistake when entering data manually is a missing decimal point. The conditional formatting formula below checks to see if a cell's value is more than two times its neighbor and highlights it in red. In this example, 382 is greater than 2*3.64 so the data is highlighted. The formatting in column G needs a slightly different formula.

Excel Find Bad Data Formulas Template - QI Macros

Here's My Point

Sometimes data has to be manipulated to provide the right starting point for analysis. Sometimes you need a simple mathematical formula, sometimes text, sometimes IF-THEN-ELSE logic. Regardless, sometimes you will need a basic grasp of Excel formulas and functions to make your life easier. And the QI Macros Excel-Formulas template will get you started.

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