Value Stream Mapping Right in Excel

Easy to Use Value Stream Map and VSM Symbols

The purpose of a Value Stream Map is to analyze value-added and non-value added activities and delays. Value Stream Maps use a group of common symbols.

QI Macros Makes Value Stream Mapping as Easy as 1-2-3

value stream mapping template in Excel

To access the QI Macros Value Stream Mapping Template and Symbols, click on the QI Macros Menu, then Lean Tools and then Value Stream Mapping.

Once the template opens, you have the option of using one of the existing value stream maps as a starting point to save time or you can create one from scratch.

value stream mapping template and symbols in Excel

Value Stream Mapping Symbols and Icons

Click on the Symbols tab to access Value Stream Mapping Symbols and Icons to add to your VSM.

value stream mapping symbols and icons in QI Macros for Excel

There is even a Value Stream Map for Healthcare applications like the Emergency Room.

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