Spaghetti Diagram

Use a Spaghetti Diagram to analyze product flows through a workspace.

Use a Spaghetti Diagram to define the existing flow as a starting point for removing unnecessary movement of people and materials through a workspace.

Example of a Nursing Unit Spaghetti Diagram for Travel Time

These spaghetti diagrams show before and after lean process improvement changes that saved 50% of nurse travel time. This lean analysis took about an hour.

Spaghetti Diagram Example

To Create a Spaghetti Diagram:

  1. Start with high level process steps. Use Post-it Notes to diagram the work stations or machines used. Count how many times each machine or work station is used.
  2. Draw arrows to show the movement of a product through the workspace.
  3. How would you rearrange the machines or work areas to reduce movement of people and materials?
spaghetti diagram in Excel

Watch Video of How to Create a Spaghetti Diagram (Click Here)

QI Macros Value Stream Mapping Template has a Spaghetti Diagram Template to help save you time. Just open the template and edit it using Excel's drawing tools. Use rectangles for workstations and curved arrows to connect the stations and show the flow.

Excel drawing tools

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