8D Report Template in Excel

Use the 8D Report for Problem Solving and Corrective Action

The 8D (8 Disciplines for corrective action and continuous improvement) and its structure create a logical improvement "story". While made popular by Ford, the 8D has its roots in MIL-STD-1520. The power is in the 8D's consistent way of identifying problem and solution, and it's ability to create organizational learning. The 8D and Toyota's A3 report serve the same purpose: structured problem solving.

The 8D is deceptively simple. It's a sequence of boxes in a template. It helps people structure their problem solving process:

Step 0: Planning

  1. Establish the Team
  2. State the Problem
  3. Containment Plan
  4. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) using fishbone or Love Bug Diagram
  5. Corrective Actions
  6. Implement Corrective Actions
  7. Prevent Recurrence
  8. Recognize Team Efforts

8D report template in Excel Steps 0 and 1

Love Bug Diagram

The 8D uses a version of the "Love Bug" diagram to analyze cause-and-effect:

Love Bug Diagram 8D

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