Paired-cell Overlapping Loops of Cards with Authorization

Easy to Use POLCA Diagrams and Calculators

POLCA, like Kanban, controls work-load in high-mix, low-volume production. Where traditional Kanban would increase WIP (work in process), POLCA helps reduce WIP, flow time, and increase throughput. Where Kanban replenishes inventory, POLCA signals available capacity between cells to do work.

QI Macros Add-in for Excel Makes POLCA Easy

To access the QI Macros POLCA Template and Symbols, click on QI Macros Menu, then Lean Tools and then POLCA Diagram.

Once the template opens, you have several options:

  1. POLCA Diagram:
    POLCA Diagram
  2. Worksheet: Calculates number of POLCA cards required. Input your data into each cell in the spreadsheet and then click a button to automatically create a POLCA.
    POLCA Worksheet
To create a POLCA using QI Macros...
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