Project Management Formulas for Excel

The Project Management Formulas Template provides formulas to assist Project Managers in getting a quick point-in-time look at their project progress.

The Earned Value Management technique (EVM) helps measure project progress in an objective way. This method can combine scope, cost, and schedule values to give early warning (or reassurance) of performance progress. These numbers can also help prevent scope creep, communicate with stakeholders, and keep the project and project team on track. The Earned Value Management formulas in this template are outlined in the PMBOK®.

Earned Value Cost:

  • Cost Variance
  • CPI Cost Performance Index
  • Earned Value
  • Actual Cost
  • Expected Monetary Value
  • Benefit Cost Ratio
  • Cost Benefit Ratio

Earned Value Schedule:

  • Earned Value (alt method)
  • Schedule Variance
  • Schedule Performance Index
  • Planned Value
  • Estimate at Completion (4 formulas)
  • Estimate to completion (3 formulas)
  • Variance at Completion
  • Pert
  • Communication Channels
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