Want to create a Heijunka Board in Excel?

QI Macros Has a Ready-Made Heijunka Board Template!

Why it matters: Use a Heijunka Board to create efficient daily batches by leveling your production output.


How to Create a Heijunka Board Using QI Macros

  1. You'll find the template under QI Macros > Lean Tools > "Lean Takt Time - NVA - Heijunka." The template is pre-populated with sample data to give you a sense of how it works. Simply clear the contents of the input cells or type over the sample data.
  2. Input your Chart Titles in cells B9 and J2, and your X-Axis Labels in cells B3:B8.
  3. Input your data in cells C3:I8.
  4. Your charts in cells K1:T9 and K10:T25 will update automatically.
  5. And at the beginning/end of each day, you may test part output specifications to make sure they measure up to previous part production.
    Place an "X" in cells C14:I19 to signify that each part has been checked for that day.

* This template introduced in the January 2024 release *

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