Want a Lean Scorecard Template in Excel?

QI Macros has a Ready-Made Lean Scorecard Template for Excel!

Why it Matters: Use the Lean Scorecard to identify weaknesses in your organization.

QI Macros Lean Scorecard Example

Added at the request of a QI Macros consultant, follow the steps below to complete this template:

  1. Fill out each of the listed criteria to evaluate your organization.
    NOTE: You can update verbiage in the 3 sections listed (Corner Stones of Growth, Keys to Development, Control Points) to better represent your organization, if need be.
  2. Next, rate each of your Control Points in the 5 Levels of Organizational Learning section from "5" (Low Level) to "1" (High Level). To do so, click in the cell that reflects the rating - a bullet point will be automatically inserted into the corresponding cell:
  3. Lean Scorecard Template

  4. Finally, use the Spider Diagram to help you identify weaknesses within your organization, and inform you of which area(s) need improvement!
  5. Lean Scorecard Chart Template

5S Scorecard

NOTE: This is a generic 5S Scorecard that includes general criteria - any criteria found in Columns A and/or B can be updated by the end user accordingly.


  1. Input your "Corner Stones of Growth" in Cells A6, A12, A18, A23, and A29.
  2. Next, input your "Focus" items in Cells B3:B32.
  3. Then, assign a Level for each "Focus" item by clicking into each cell accordingly (5 = Low Level, 1 = High Level). A bullet point will be added automatically (or removed automatically, if a bullet point is already in the cell).
  4. NOTE: If a bullet point is placed in a cell that is already selected, to remove the point, click out of the cell and back into it.

  5. Lastly, the "5S Scorecard" Spider Chart will update automatically based upon each level assigned to each "Focus" item:
  6. five-s-spider-chart-scorecard-template

* Template introduced in the January 2024 release of QI Macros *

5S Cleaning Assessment


  1. Input your "Assigned Items" in cells B6:B18 and the "Owner" of each item in cells D6:D18.
  2. Next, click on the drop-down menus in cells E6:H18 to assign a "Weighting Level" for weeks 1 through 4.
  3. Levels are: Strong, Moderate, Weak, Poor.

  4. Lastly, input "Notes" in cells I6:I18.

* Template intoduced in the January 2024 release of QI Macros *

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