Lean Scorecard Template in Excel

Use the Lean Scorecard to identify weaknesses in your organization.

To open this template, select the QI Macros menu > Lean Tools > "Lean Scorecard":

Lean Tools Top Menu

Lean Scorecard

Added at the request of a QI Macros consultant, follow the steps below to complete this template:

  1. Fill out each of the listed criteria to evaluate your organization.
    NOTE: You can update verbiage in the 3 sections listed (Corner Stones of Growth, Keys to Development, Control Points) to better represent your organization, if need be.
  2. Next, rate each of your Control Points in the 5 Levels of Organizational Learning section from "5" (Low Level) to "1" (High Level). To do so, click in the cell that reflects the rating - a bullet point will be automatically inserted into the corresponding cell:
  3. Lean Scorecard Template

  4. Finally, use the Spider Diagram to help you identify weaknesses within your organization, and inform you of which area(s) need improvement!
  5. Lean Scorecard Chart Template

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