How to Make a Radar-Spider Chart in Excel

Use Radar Charts for Multivariate Data When Categories are Not Directly Comparable

Examples would be sales of various product lines throughout the year or comparing products of two vendors using a list of various features. Radar charts plot data on an axis that starts at the center and ends on an outer ring.

Radar - Spider Chart in Excel

spider chart in excel

Radar Chart Data Examples

spider chart or radar chart data examples

To Create a Radar Chart in Excel

To create a radar or spider chart in Excel, select your data, then click on the Insert tab, Other Charts, then Radar.

making a radar chart in excel

Alternatives to Radar Charts

Radar charts are seldom used because they are hard to read and interpret. For most data sets a simple column chart is a better choice. A combination line-column chart would be a good choice if you have two data series with different scales. Its cumbersome to create a combination chart in Excel but its easy using QI Macros add-in for Excel.

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primitive charts
Primitive Charts
smart charts
Smart Charts

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