How to Make a Line Graph in Excel

Use a Line Chart to Display Data Over Time

Line Graphs are one of the most popular charts used. A line graph has an X axis (horizontal axis on the bottom) and a Y axis (vertical axis to the left). The X axis almost always represents time (hours, days, months, etc.) Therefore, in some industries, a line graph is referred to as a Time Series Chart.

line graph

Line Graphs 101

To create a line graph in Excel, select your data, then click on the Insert tab and then Line.

how to make a line graph in Excel 2013

Advanced Line Graphs that Analyze Your Data For You

While line graphs are a improvement over displaying data in a table or Excel spreadsheet, a run chart or a control chart can actually analyze your data for you.

Run Charts

A run chart calculates and adds a line representing the average or median of your data.

Control Charts

A control chart calculates and adds control limits to your data. These new lines create "zones" which are used to evaluate your data as it moves through them.

A control chart will indicate whether your process is statistically "in control" and is stable and predictable. Excel does not create run charts and control charts for you. However, QI Macros add-in for Excel can. Learn more and download a 30 day trial to try it yourself.

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