Run Chart in Excel

Run Charts Consist of a Line Graph and Center Line

The center line is calculated from the data and can represent either the average or median.

run chart in excel

Run charts are an improvement over the ancient line graph. But they aren't cutting edge or state of the art like control charts.

Fortunately, using QI Macros for Excel, its just as easy to draw a control chart as it is a line graph or run chart.

Run Charts vs Control Charts

Run Chart

run chart excel

A run chart adds a center line which represents the average or the median of the data.

Control Chart

control chart excel

A control chart is a smart chart. It calculates a center line and sigma lines. It analyzes the data and identifies unstable points and trends.


Watch How Easy it is to Create Run Charts Using QI Macros for Excel

Just select your data and select Run Charts from the QI Macros menu. Then choose whether you want the center line to be the average or median of your data. Or select the Control Chart wizard and draw a control chart to perform a more complete analysis on your data.

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