Run Chart in Excel

Run Charts Consist of a Line Graph and Center Line

The Center Line is calculated from the data and can represent either the average or median.

It's Easy to Create a Run Chart in Excel Using QI Macros

Just select your data and select Run Charts from the QI Macros menu. Then choose whether you want the center line to be the average or median of your data.

Example of an Excel Run Chart Created by QI Macros

run chart maker in Excel

Consider Creating a Control Chart In Addition to a Run Chart

QI Macros also makes it easy to create control charts in Excel. Control charts graph your data and a center line like a run chart but they go even further. Control charts calculate sigma lines based on your data and perform stability analysis to identify unstable points or conditions that should be investigated.

control chart vs run chart

To create a Run Chart using QI Macros...
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