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What is a run chart? Run charts consist of a graph of your data and an average or median line.

QI Macros Run Chart Template

run chart template in excel

Run Chart Rules

There are rules, similar to control chart stability rules, applied to Run Charts. These rules are built into QI Macros run chart template and can be customized by changing the values in cells T3:T6.

If a rule is violated, the corresponding letter will be displayed on the top of the chart:



Runs Test (are there enough "runs" for the amount of data?) 
Trend of seven points ascending or descending.
Eight points on one side of the median.
14 points alternating up and down.
Seven points with the same value.

If the data violates one or more of these rules, the appropriate letter will appear on the top axis. In this example, there are two few runs (A) and a trend of seven points decreasing (B).

run chart template output

NOTE: The numbers listed on the top axis change when a point or a series of points are above/below the Median.

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