Pareto Chart Template in Excel

Easy to Use Excel Worksheet to Create Pareto Charts

Pareto charts can be cumbersome to draw in Excel. That's why we created this easy to use fill-in-the-blanks template.

pareto chart template

QI Macros Pareto Chart Template

The Pareto chart template is just one of many charts in QI Macros add-in for Excel. QI Macros installs a new tab on Excel's menu. To open the Pareto chart template, click on QI Macros | Chart Templates | Pareto Chart.

pareto template on qimacros menu

To use QI Macros Pareto template, simply:

  1. Input your labels in A3:30, data in B3:30 and chart title in cell B1.

    input area
  2. If you have more than 10 rows (e.g. types of defects or errors) consider consolidating them into an "Other" category using the input cell in H1. In this example, the default is 16 but we will change it to 9.
  3. Double Click the "Update Chart" button.

    update chart
  4. QI Macros will perform all of the calculations and re-format the Pareto. Per the entry in cell H1, the new Pareto has 10 bars and the last bar is a summary of the remaining categories into an "Other" bar.

    pareto with an other bar

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