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Instead of spending countless dollars and hours trying to implement Lean Six Sigma, use QI Macros and Jay's streamlined approach to Lean Six Sigma. We’re all about making the complex simple.

Free QI Macros and Lean Six Sigma Webinars

Watch previously recorded Lean Six Sigma webinars on a variety of topics, including Lean Six Sigma Demystified, Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare and QI Macros.

Free QI Macros 30 Day Trial
Free QI Macros Trial with Special Bonuses

Create Six Sigma charts quickly and easily when you download and install QI Macros 30-day trial for PC and Mac users! You get six special bonuses!

How-to Articles
QI Macros How to Articles

Learn how to use the more advanced features and functionality available in QI Macros. Read overview lessons or step-by-step instructions on specific charts or topics.

Lean Six Sigma MoneyBelt Training
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

View Lean Six Sigma "Money Belt" training videos created by Jay Arthur, author of over ten Lean Six Sigma books including Lean Six Sigma DeMystified. Get certified as a Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Lean Six Sigma Articles
Lean Six Sigma Articles

Learn the key tools of Lean and Six Sigma from our lessons series and view articles on a variety of topics and applications of Lean Six Sigma in various industries.

Lean Six Sigma Book Summaries

A short synopsis of some of the best books on Lean Six Sigma, Innovation, improving business processes and customer service.


Lean Six Sigma White Papers
Lean Six Sigma White Papers

Download free Lean Six Sigma white papers providing an indepth look at topics such as: Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare, Lean Six Sigma Mistakes to Avoid and How to Use Pivot Tables for data analysis.

KnowWare Articles
KnowWare Articles

Browse our Ezine archive for helpful articles on the "People" side of implementing organizational change of any type including Lean Six Sigma. You will also find articles on team dynamics, productivity and how to motivate others in both professional and personal relationships.

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