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Excel Data Organization

How to setup your data for charting
Avoid these mistakes - Tips for reorganizing data
How to use Excel's drawing tools
QI Macros Has Flowcharts and Other Tools

Excel Charts

Make your charts easier to read and understand.
QI Macros Automates Charting
Copy Excel charts to Word or Powerpoint
QI Macros Moves Charts For You

Excel Formulas and Functions

Excel Formulas - the Basics
QI Macros Has Common Formulas
How to protect cells in a worksheet
How to hide/unhide worksheets, rows & columns
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Stop using old technology!

Upgrade Your Excel and Data Analysis Skills to Smart Charts Using QI Macros.

Track Data Over Time

Primitive Chart
line graph
Line Graph
Smart Chart
control chart
Control Chart

Compare Categories

Primitive Chart
pie chart
Pie Chart
Smart Chart
pareto chart
Pareto Chart

Analyze Variation

Primitive Chart
bar or column chart
Bar or Column Chart
Smart Chart

QI Macros add-in for Excel makes creating smart charts a snap.