Agile Lean Six Sigma Trainer Training

Do You Wonder if Traditional Lean Six Sigma Training Takes Too Long and Costs Too Much?

Is It Possible to Train People in One Day And Deliver Improvements?

Yes it is. Jay's been doing it for decades

How is it possible? By applying Lean Six Sigma methods to Lean Six Sigma using an "Agile" approach that delivers understanding, application and results in just one day.

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Watch the Agile LSS train the trainer introduction video.

Six Sigma has been focused on creating Green Belts and Black Belts, but what we really need are Money Belts: someone who can find ways to eliminate what Jay calls the three demons that consume a third of your revenue: delay, defects and deviation.

Are your Green Belts and Black Belts:

  • Spending 2-4 weeks in training?
  • Struggling to solve problems in 4-12 months?
  • Getting bogged down drawing charts not solving problems ?

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You're probably wondering what gives Jay the right to tell you how to train Lean Six Sigma Money Belts? He's helped:

  • A phone company save $20 million in postage and $16 million in adjustment costs.
  • A healthcare system save $400,000 a month in denied insurance claims; that's almost $5 million a year.
  • A wireless phone company reduce order errors from 17% to 3% in just six months saving $3 million per year.

Want Jay's credentials? He's a Million-Dollar Money Belt.

He's lived through a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling implementation of Lean Six Sigma methods. He's made all of the mistakes and learned how to avoid them by applying Lean Six Sigma to itself to mistake-proof training, projects and implementation.

From Jay's perspective, there are too many people trained and certified as belts. Too many teams started. And not enough results. This causes most Lean Six Sigma programs to die after about three years.

Most 5-10-20 day Lean Six Sigma training covers what Jay calls the "long tail" of methods and tools, which is needed by only 2 people out of every 100 that actually work on a manufacturing floor.

The other 98% of people work in services, sales, marketing, purchasing, accounting, and so on. They only need a handful of methods and tools used in the right order to start finding and fixing problems that consume a third or more of total revenues. These are the people who can most benefit from becoming a Money Belt.

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Hype, jargon and mass trainings normally associated with Lean Six Sigma aren't necessary to achieve dramatic, lasting improvements quickly.

In this Agile Lean Six Sigma Trainer:

  • You won't learn how to teach everything in the Green Belt or Black Belt body of knowledge, because you don't need it to solve most problems in the 21st Century..
  • You will learn how to teach a handful of methods and tools necessary to start plugging the leaks in your cash flow.
  • You'll learn how to teach people in one-day and deliver results simultaneously..

So, how do I plan to do this?

  • With quick videos of key methods and tools.
  • Every video will be short — under 10 minutes.
  • You can watch them over and over again as needed to learn the methods and tools

You might wonder, Jay why are you giving this away for free?

  1. First, it's just not possible to train everyone who needs these Skills even if I started today. But it is possible on line.
  2. Second, many people who want Lean Six Sigma training can't afford thousands of dollars in tuition. But they can afford One-day Yellow Belt training because it's free.

    Or they can't afford the 5-10-20 days it takes to get the traditional Lean Six Sigma training. Or the 6-12 months it takes a belt to get fully up to speed.

    And no business can afford to spend 14 weeks or more solving a problem.
  3. Third, Six Sigma requires software to analyze the data in ways that pinpoints where to make improvements. While I'm offering a free 30-day trial of the QI Macros software, I hope everyone will buy a copy because they will need it to find and fix the problems that consume a third or more of total revenue. They will need the QI Macros to monitor and sustain their improvements.
  4. And, if nothing else, a faster, better, cheaper experience in every restaurant and business I frequent would make my time on this planet much more pleasant. I'm tired of the inspection and rework chores these businesses force on me.

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