Control Charts Overview

What is a Control Chart?

A control chart is a statistical quality control tool used to evaluate how a process performs over time.

Here is an Example Created in Excel with QI Macros

quality control chart created by QI Macros for Excel

A Control Chart is Made up of Four Main Parts:

  • A line chart of your data that shows how a process performs over time.
  • A Center Line calculated from the data that represents either the average or median.
  • An Upper Control Limit (UCL) line which is calculated at 3 sigmas above the Center Line.
  • A Lower Control Limit (LCL) line which is calculated at 3 sigmas below the Center Line.
  • Stability Analysis - analysis of the data which highlights unstable points or trends to be investigated. In a stable process, 99.7% of all data points will fall between the upper and lower control limits.

Why Use Control Chart Software Like QI Macros?

  • Control Charts separate signals from noise. If a data point is statistically unlikely, software will point it out to you.
  • Once you get below a 3% error rate, it becomes impossible to detect changes in performance without control charts.
  • You can't do Six Sigma or Statistical Process Control (SPC) without software. It's too hard and it takes too long.

QI Macros Can Create a Control Chart in Just Three Easy Steps:

create control charts in Excel using QI Macros

  1. Point - select your data in an Excel worksheet.
  2. Click - on the QI Macros Menu. The Control Chart Wizard will select the right one for you.
    If you know which chart to choose, just select it from the pull-down menu.
    View a complete list of the control charts in Excel you can create using QI Macros.
  3. Analyze and Improve - QI Macros will do the calculations and draw the control chart.
    It will also highlight unstable conditions that should be investigated.

Why Choose QI Macros Control Chart Software?

select the right control chart

Are You New to Control Charts?
QIMacros Control Chart Wizard Eliminates the Learning Curve!

Control chart selection rules are built right into our code so you don't have to memorize them. This enables our control chart wizard to analyze your data and select the right chart for you automatically. Jay used to spend hours trying to teach people how to navigate decision trees to pick the right chart; then in 2006 he realized he could build the rules into the software.


QIMacros Control Chart SPC Menu

Are You Already Using Control Charts?
Choose Your Preferred Control Chart From The Pull-Down Menu!

If you already know what chart you want, just select the data and click on one of the QIMacros Control Charts. We do the math and draw the graph. You can email your charts to anyone who has Excel. You can copy and paste into PowerPoint or Word.


easy to use control chart software

Do You Need To Tweak Control Charts After They Are Created?
Use Our Control Chart Menu for One Click Updates:

Once you create a control chart, its easy to update or customize it using the Control Chart Tools Menu.

  • Show process changes
  • Add target lines to control charts and text to points
  • Add, change and delete data points used to calculate control limits.
  • Update stability analysis after changing data or control limit calculations.
  • Remember and Apply Custom Formats to your Control Charts.


control chart template excel

Do You Need To Update Control Charts Every Week or Month?
Use QIMacros Control Chart Templates

Only QI Macros for Excel has fill in the blank control chart templates. Just drop your data directly into the yellow input area and the control chart is created to the right. You don't have to run anything.


update dashboards every month

Do You Need To Maintain All Of Your Company's Control Charts?
Use QIMacros Control Chart Dashboards

QI Macros is the only SPC software program with control chart dashboards.

Just input your data sets into the data entry worksheet and click on the Create Dashboard button. QI Macros will generate a control chart for each data set and display all of the control charts together. Great for those updating lots of charts on a regular basis.


compatible with excel  2007 2010 2011 2013 2016

Is Most Your Data In Excel?
QIMacros Works Inside Microsoft Excel

You don't need to learn a separate software application to create control charts. And whatever you create can be shared with anyone who has Excel!

QI Macros is compatible with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2011/2016 (Mac)


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