Individuals Moving Range (ImR - XmR) Chart in Excel

Use an Individual Moving Range Chart to evaluate stability of processes using variable data--time, cost, length, weight when your sample size is one.

Example of an Individual Moving Range Chart created using QI Macros for Excel.

individuals moving range xmr chart

Individuals Moving Range (XmR) Chart data examples

Data is organized as one column of ratios or measurements:

individual moving range chart xmr chart data example

Rule: Evaluate the Range Chart first. If it is "out of control," that means the process variation is out of control.

The X Chart uses the average range (Rbar) to calculate its UCL and LCL. So, if the Range Chart is out of control, the calculations for the X Chart limits will be incorrect. If the Range Chart is in control, then evaluate the X Chart.

XmR Multi-Column Chart

This functionality is used if you select the entirety of your data set that has multiple columns of data:

Sample Data for XmR Multi Column Chart

And then run the XmR (Individuals) Chart macro from the "Control Charts (SPC)" > "Variable (XmR, XbarR/S)" drop-down menu, an XmR (Individuals) Chart will be automatically created for you:

Chart Output of XmR Multi Column Data

NOTE: The chart will show a number of series - this represents the number of columns within your data set, with a blank row placed between each data series.

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