np Chart in Excel

Use an np chart when counting the fraction defective over a constant sample size

The np chart is useful when it's easy to count the number of defective items and the sample size is always the same. Examples might include: the number of defective circuit boards per 1000 or incorrect invoices per each sample of 50.

np chart data with a constant sample size looks like this:

example of np chart data in excel

To create an np chart in Excel using QI Macros:

  1. Just click and drag over the data to select it.
  2. Then click on the QI Macros menu, Control Charts, then np chart.
  3. QI Macros will do all the math and draw the np chart for you. QI Macros will also turn any unstable points or conditions on the np chart red. These should be investigated.

Example of an np chart created using QI Macros for Excel

np chart in Excel created with QI Macros software

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To create a Np Chart using QI Macros...
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