Looking for a Pre Control Chart Template in Excel?

QI Macros has a Ready Made Pre-Control Chart Template for you.

Use a Pre Control Chart When You Have Less Than 20 Data Points

Example of QI Macros Pre Control Chart Template

pre control chart template in excel

How to Use QI Macros Pre Control Chart Template in Excel

  1. QI Macros installs a new tab on Excel's menu:
  2. QI Macros Add-in for Excel

  3. Click on QI Macros menu tab, select Control Chart Templates > Special > Pre Control Chart to open the template.
  4. Enter the upper and lower specification limits into the data sheet at S2 and S3:
  5. input spec limits into pre-control chart

  6. Add data as you begin to run the process.
  7. Evaluate the process much like you would a control chart.

    Most points should land in the green or yellow. Too many in the red: Danger! You may miss customer specifications.

    Data points in the yellow zones: proceed with caution and potentially readjust your process.

    Data points in the red zones imply out of control conditions. Stop and reset your process or make corrections.

  8. Red and Yellow Zones are calculated by dividing the Center Line (half of Green Zone) and the Upper and Lower Spec Limits in two.

Tip: Format Y axis: You may need to change the max and min amounts on the Y axis to properly display the areas for each color band. Just right click on the Y axis and select Format Axis then Axis Options.


QI Macros also contains a pre-control chart template for XbarR data with up to five samples

precontrol chart xbar r

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