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Why use a g chart?

g Charts are used to analyze the time or units BETWEEN rare events. For example, a hospital might track never events such as retained foreign objects during surgery. They could measure days between events or surgeries between events. The g Chart is also known as the geometric means chart.

QI Macros g chart template

To create a g Chart, just drop your data into the yellow input area and QI Macros draws a chart to the right.

g chart template excel

After you have input your data, click on the chart, then QI Macros chart menu and then Analyze Stability.

QI Macros chart menu

g Chart Template Options

QI Macros g chart template is flexible enough to handle different kinds of data.

Days Between Events

Input dates, then days between are calculated

input dates of rare events

Units Between Events

Input number of units (e.g surgeries, shifts) between events.

input units between events

QI Macros also contains a g Chart Gunston - Missed vs Met

In the yellow input area, track each period (day/week/month) where you met or missed an objective (e.g., no accidents). The template will calculate the number of days met/missed and the control limits. On any given day, the business either:

  • Met the objective (no accidents)
  • Missed the objective (accident)
  • No data (forgot to track the information)

The final step is to analyze stability using QI Macros chart menu as previously described.

g chart missed vs met

Examples of Rare Event Data where a g Chart would be useful

  • Admissions between infections
  • Discharges between readmissions
  • Patients between complications
  • Days between adverse drug events
  • Days between needle sticks

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