XmR Target Chart in Excel

Use the XmR Target Chart to Define Your Control Limits

The centerline and control limits on a control chart are usually calculated from the data. However, in some instances you may want to evaluate a set of data against a baseline set of limits. The XmR Target template allows you to do this!

XmR Target Control Chart with USL/LSL

To open this template, click on the QI Macros menu, Control Chart Templates, Special (CUSUM, EWMA), "XmR with USL, LSL & Target":

Control Chart Templates Special Menu

Just Input your Dates, Data, Target, USL and LSL in the Designated Cells

XmR Target Chart Inputs
  •  Input USL and LSL as shown in W4 and W6.
  •  Input a Baseline value in W12.
  •  Input a Target Value in W15 and what label to start showing the target.

 You can also specify a process change in W23.

NOTE: To show only points with data on your chart, click the arrow in cell B1 - select or deselect "Blanks" option.

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