Control Chart Templates in Excel

Need an Easy Way to Create Control Charts in Excel?

  • Do you have production line staff who don't have time to learn a complicated SPC Software package?
  • Do you need an easy to use fill-in-the-blanks solution that anyone can use?

QI Macros Add-in Contains Easy to Use Templates for a Variety of Control Charts

control chart template in excel

QI Macros Installs a menu on Excel's toolbar.

Just open a template from QI Macros Menu and get started creating charts.

Input cells are shaded in yellow. Type directly into a template, cut and paste or link from another worksheet.

control chart template menu

Control Chart Templates Included in QI Macros Add-in

Attribute Control Charts

  • c chart
  • p chart
  • u chart
  • np chart

Variable Control Charts

  • XmR chart
  • XbarR chart
  • XbarS chart
  • I-MR-R chart

Specialized Control Charts

  • Pre-control chart
  • Cusum and EWMA charts
  • Levey Jennings chart
  • g and t charts

Each QI Macros Control Chart Template Has These Additional Features

Each template is an Excel workbook made up of several worksheets with varying options.

control chart template options

Why Choose QI Macros Over Other Control Chart Software?



  • Only $279 USD - less with quantity discounts
  • No annual subscription fees
  • Free technical support

easy to use

Easy to Use

  • Works right in Excel
  • Create a chart in seconds
  • Easy to customize & share charts

proven and trusted

Proven and Trusted

  • More than 100,000 users
  • In More than 80 countries
  • Five Star CNET Rating - Virus free