Levey Jennings Chart for Healthcare Labs

It's Easy to Create a Levey Jennings Chart in Excel

Healthcare labs use the Levey Jennings charts to monitor key measures of health like cholesterol and glucose. The Levey Jennings chart, unlike other SPC charts, uses standard deviation as a way of calculating control limits.

QI Macros Has Several Ways to Create a Levey Jennings Chart

  1. Using the Levey Jennings Fill in the Blanks Control Chart Template
  2. Using one of the two Levey Jennings chart macros

levey jennings standard deviation control chart on the QI Macros menuTo create a Levey Jennings chart using one of the macros:

  • Select your Levey Jennings chart data in an Excel worksheet
  • Next click on the QI Macros menu, Control Charts and then on one of the two Levey Jennings chart options.
  • Levey Jennings Stdev, uses standard deviation to draw the 1 and 2 sigma lines and the upper and lower control limits.
  • Levey Jennings 10 % draws 1, 2 sigma lines and upper and lower control limits using 10 %, 20% and 30% of the average. This percentage can be adjusted if another value is desired.



Example of a Levey Jennings Standard Deviation Chart

levey jennings control chart in Excel created by QI Macros software

The Levey Jennings (Standard Deviation) Chart consists of :

  • A line graph of each data point
  • A Center Line representing the average of the data
  • Upper and Lower control limit lines at 3 standard deviations from the center line
  • Performs stability analysis and turns any unstable point or condition RED

According to SOFT / AAFS FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY LABORATORY GUIDELINES 9.1.12 standard deviation may represent an unacceptably large percentage deviation from the mean. Therefore, a realistic percentage deviation should be used, such as ±20% or ±30%. This option is available in the:

To create a Levey Jennings Chart using QI Macros...
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