Struggling with Which Control Chart to Choose?

QI Macros Takes the Guesswork out of Selecting the Right Control Chart

You'll Never Struggle with Choosing the Right Control Chart Again

  • QI Macros Control Chart Wizard will analyze your data and select the right control chart for you.
  • It saves you time and mistake proofs the control chart selection process.
  • Spend your time on more important things like analyzing the control chart after its drawn.

No More Decision Trees

Rather than navigating your way through a forest of decision trees like the ones in Minitab®, wouldn't it be great if the decision tree was already coded into the software? In QI Macros, it is!

Use This

control chart wizard menu

Not This

minitab decision tree

QI Macros does what a tool is supposed to do; make the task easier and deliver results when you need them. Thanks for supporting our efforts in process control, continuous improvement and building a culture of Quality.

- Roger Savage
Quality Assurance Manager Molson Coors

QI Macros Control Chart Wizard is super easy to use

  1. Just select your data:

     control chart data example
  2. Then select the Control Chart Wizard from the QI Macros menu:

    wizard on qimacros menu

  3. The Control Chart Wizard will analyze your data and select the right control chart for you, while also producing a template version of the control chart that was selected:
  4. control chart example

  5. The wizard will also provide you with a Control Chart Template (the tab will be listed as "ongoing"). This option is given, in case the end user has an ongoing project and intends to continually add data to their Control Chart(s):
  6. Control Chart Wizard p Chart Template Output

If the program is trying to choose between a p Chart and a u Chart, you will be asked the following question:

p or u chart prompt

Answer "yes" for a u Chart and "no" for a p Chart.

NOTE: The XbarS template output for the Control Chart Wizard can process a maximum of (32) columns of data.

If your data includes (250) or more rows, a template will not be produced.

How does QI Macros Control Chart Wizard know how to select the right control chart?

We've built the control chart selection rules right into the QI Macros code:

# of Data Columns
Data Type
Sample size
>1 defect per sample?
Control Chart Selected
Data Example
1 Integers (attribute)     c Chart c chart data
1 Decimals (variable)    

XmR Chart

xmr chart data
2 Integers (attribute) constant  

np Chart

np chart data
2 Integers (attribute) varying No

p Chart

u chart data
2 Integers (attribute) varying Yes

u Chart

u chart data
2-5 Decimals or integers     XbarR Chart x bar r data
6+ Decimals or integers     XbarS Chart xbars data

We just completed our JCAHO review and received a 98 with NO time 1's so we are very excited and fired up about that. Our ability to use the control charts and talk with staff about them really helped! 

- Leana Hilde RN
Methodist Medical Center

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