Updating Existing Control Charts can be Cumbersome

That's why QI Macros has automated the most common control chart tasks.

You'll save time and mistake proof your updates.

Once you create a control chart or other chart using QI Macros, you can easily update it using the QI Macros Chart Tools menu. To access the menu, you must be on a chart or on a chart embedded in a worksheet.

QI Macros Chart Menu is divided into three sections

Chart Tools
Control Chart Tools
Chart Format Tools


Chart Tools for Use with Most QI Macros Charts

chart tools menu
Easily add data, text notations or goal and target lines to charts. For more information see these links.

Control Chart Tools

Options to give you maximum flexibility to customize control charts with just a few clicks of a mouse:


Re-run stability analysis after changing data or control limit calculations:

Change which control limit lines are displayed and how they are formatted

Change the data points used to calculate control limits:

Miscellaneous Chart Menu Option

Chart Format Tools

chart format tools menu

Remember and Apply Chart Formats: a huge time saver for those who like to customize various chart elements!

  1. Customize one chart with the fonts, styles, colors, etc. you want.
  2. Click Remember Format.
  3. Create another chart and click Apply Format to make the same changes on the second chart.
  4. Click Apply To All if your worksheet (not workbook) has more than one chart on it.

Change Titles: Simplifies updating chart titles by providing prompt boxes for X axis, Y axis and chart title.

Move Charts

  • Use Move Charts to export all embedded charts on a worksheet to their own worksheets.
  • Use Move All Charts to export all embedded charts in a workbook to their own chart sheet.

Copy charts to PowerPoint and Word

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