Need to select a point on a chart from your data set?

QI Macros "select chart point from data cell" feature makes it easy.

Why it Matters:

Once you draw a control chart using QI Macros, if there is a large number of data points, it may be difficult to select a specific point on your chart. That is why we created the "Select Chart Point from Data Cell" feature.

Here's how to locate your point using the "Select Chart Point from Data Cell" function:

  1. Once you have drawn a Control Chart, click on the data cell of the point you want selected:
  2. xmr-chart

  3. Next, click on the "Select Chart Point from Data Cell" macro which is located in the Control Charts (SPC) drop-down menu:
  4. control-chart-drop-down-menu

  5. Once you have done so, your specific data point will be automatically selected on your chart:
  6. xmr-chart

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