Control Limits Shown on QI Macros Control Charts

Show - Don't Show 1 and 2 Sigma Lines

QI Macros control charts utilize these control limits calculated from your data to evaluate process stability:

  • + 3 sigma line also known as the upper control limit (UCL)
  • + 2 sigma line
  • +1 sigma line
  • a center line (CL)
  • - 1 sigma line
  • - 2 sigma line
  • - 3 sigma line also known as the lower control limit (LCL)

Control Chart with all Control Limits Visible

p chart with sigma lines

Control Chart with Only the CL, UCL and LCL Visible

p chart without 1 and 2 sigma lines

This is QI Macros default setting since
most users prefer not to view the sigma lines.

QI Macros give you two ways to turn on and off the 1-2 sigma lines:

Option 1

After you have run a chart, click on the QI Macros chart menu and select Show/Hide 1-2 Sigma Lines. QI Macros will update the chart and all charts you run after that.

show hide sigma lines on control chart

Option 2

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu, Control Charts and then Control Chart Rules.
  2. Select Show/Hide 1&2 Sigma lines.

    control chart rules menu
  3. Now run a chart. The 1 and 2 sigma lines should be visible.
  4. To turn the lines back off, simply click on QI Macros, Control Charts, Control Chart Rules and re-select Show/Hide 1&2 Sigma lines.

Note: You only need to set your preference once. It will be retained even if you close Excel and/or restart your computer.

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