Control Limits Shown on QI Macros Control Charts

Show - Don't Show 1 and 2 Sigma Lines

QI Macros control charts utilize these control limits calculated from your data to evaluate process stability:

  • + 3 sigma line also known as the upper control limit (UCL)
  • + 2 sigma line
  • +1 sigma line
  • a center line (CL)
  • - 1 sigma line
  • - 2 sigma line
  • - 3 sigma line also known as the lower control limit (LCL)

Control Chart with all Control Limits Visible

control chart with control limits

Control Chart with Only the CL, UCL and LCL Visible

control chart ucl lcl

This is QI Macros default setting since
most users prefer not to view the sigma lines.

QI Macros give you two ways to turn on and off the 1-2 sigma lines:

Option 1

After you have run a chart, click on the QI Macros chart menu and select Show/Hide 1-2 Sigma Lines. QI Macros will update the chart and all charts you run after that.

show hide sigma lines on control chart

Option 2

  1. Click on the QI Macros menu, Control Charts and then Control Chart Rules.
  2. Select Show/Hide 1&2 Sigma lines.

    control chart rules menu
  3. Now run a chart. The 1 and 2 sigma lines should be visible.
  4. To turn the lines back off, simply click on QI Macros, Control Charts, Control Chart Rules and re-select Show/Hide 1&2 Sigma lines.

Note: You only need to set your preference once. It will be retained even if you close Excel and/or restart your computer.

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