How to Add Control Limit Labels to a Point on a Control Chart

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Why It Matters: You may want to add Control Limit labels to a point to provide further explanation about your data.

To add Control Limit data labels to a specific point:

  1. Click on your point:


    Tip: The first time you click on a point, Excel will select the whole line. Click on the point a second time to select just the point. If you have done this correctly, Excel will highlight your point.

  2. Select the QI Macros Chart menu and select Process Changes > Add UCL-CL-LCL Labels to a Point:

  3. Data Labels will be added to the Upper Control Limit, Center Line, and Lower Control Limit:


    NOTE: Use Excel's format tools to increase the font, bold the text and add color.

* To be included in the April 2024 QI Macros release *

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