Fixed Limit Control Charts

It's Easy to Fix Limits in QI Macros Control Charts

There are four ways to fix limits in QI Macros:

  1. QI Macros Fixed Limit Control Chart
  2. Control Charts Created with a Macro
  3. Using the Chart Menu
  4. Control Charts Created Using Control Chart Templates

Control Charts Created with a Macro

When you run a control chart, the data you select is the baseline data. It fixes the limits. When you add data to an existing chart, the limits stay the same.

  1. Select the baseline data and run a control chart.
  2. Copy/Paste any additional data to the control chart worksheet.
  3. Click on the chart and then click on the QI Macros chart menu. To access the menu, look to the far right under Chart Tools.
  4. qi-macros-chart-menu

  5. After you click on QI Macros Chart, the control chart tools menu will show up on the far left. Next select "Add Data."

    add data to charts

  6. Input the number of rows of data you just added to the intermediate spreadsheet and click OK. This function will change the "source data range" of the chart and will update the chart to display your new data.

    add data to control chart

  7. Next rerun stability analysis on the chart. Click on the chart sheet. Use QI Macros menu to select "Analyze Stability". QI Macros will rerun stability analysis on your old and new data.


Use QI Macros Chart Menu to Fix Limits

If you want to fix the control limits on an existing chart:

  1. Click on the point after the baseline data and use "Fix Limits" from QI Macros Chart Menu:
    Fix Control Limits with QI Macros
  2. Select Point after Fixed Limit data
  3. The macros will fix the control limits using the data before the selected point.
  4. Don't forget to rerun stability analysis using the new control limits.

Fixed Limit Control Charts Created with a Template

Control Chart templates include a Fixed Limit Control Chart Worksheet:
XbarR Fixed Limit Control Chart Excel - QI Macros

  1. Enter your data in the cells.
  2. Set the limits as shown above. The default is the normal formulas for the type of chart. Just type in your limits.
  3. Re-run stability analysis.

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