Need to find a point on a chart in your data set?

QI Macros "select data for point" feature makes it easy.

Why it Matters:

Once you draw a control chart using QI Macros, you may want to research a data point that looks odd. When you have lots of data points on a chart, its hard to identify which point you want to investigate using the x axis labels. That is why we created the "Select Data for Point" feature.

Here's how to locate your data using the "Select Data for Point" function:

  1. Once you have drawn a Control Chart, click on the point you are interested in:
  2. select data for point

  3. Next click on Select Data for Point which is located under the "Process Changes" drop-down menu:
  4. qi-macros-process-change-drop-down-menu

  5. Once you have done so, your cursor will move to the x-axis label associated with that data point:
  6. select data point example

    In this example, the cursor ends up in cell A17 so we know that data for July 29, 2020 is what we are interested in.

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