Need to Delete a Point from a Control Chart?

QI Macros Makes Deleting Points Easy and Error Free

Why It Matters: If you delete a point from a control chart, you want to make sure you know how it affects the control limits and stability analysis.

QI Macros offers two options:

  1. Delete a point: from both the chart AND from the control limit calculations. (discussed on this page).
  2. Ghost a point: remove a point from the control limit calculations BUT still show it on the chart.

Step by Step Instructions for Deleting a Point

The process is different depending on how you create your control chart:

Control Charts Created with a Macro

To delete a point from a control chart:

  1. Click on the chart.
  2. Next, select the point you want to delete:
    select point on a control chart

    Tip: The first time you click on a point, Excel will select the whole line. Click on the point a second time to select just the point. If you have done this correctly, Excel will highlight your point.

  3. Click on the "QI Macros Chart" menu (to the far right) to open the control chart tools menu. Select "Delete Point" from the "Show Process Changes" drop-down:


  4. Re-run stability analysis without the deleted point by selecting "Analyze Stability" on the same menu.

Control Chart Created with a Template

QI Macros version 10.2021 and later:
Delete a point on a control chart template by using the instructions listed above. Once the point has been deleted, make sure to re-run stability analysis by selecting "Analyze Stability" from the "QI Macros Chart" menu.

QI Macros version 07.2021 and prior:
Do not use the "Delete Point" function from the QI Macros Chart section - the function will remove necessary calculations from your template. Simply remove that point from the template's input area - this will automatically remove the point from your data set.

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