Free QI Macros Webinar with Jay Arthur

QI Macros Training Tutorials At Your Convenience

Even though QI Macros are easy to learn and use, you might want more in-depth information on its features and functions. If so, consider watching or attending a free webinar.

Customized Training for Your Team

Jay ArthurIn these economic times, we know travel costs may not be a part of your budget. But by using the internet, each participant can attend a custom webinar by Jay Arthur right from their desk! Check out some of the options below:

Option 1: Lean Six Sigma or QI Macros Webinars

Choose the level of detail and type of topic you would like to discuss (1-3 hours). Below are some examples:

  • Lean Six Sigma Simplified Workshop
  • QI Macros Workshop
  • Gage R&R

Investment: $497/hour for up to 25 participants

Option 2: Improvement Project Webinars for Your Team

Perhaps you would like to develop an improvement story or do root cause analysis? Jay can facilitate a team remotely.

Example: Use the QI Macros to create improvement stories with your data (1-3 hours)


  • Pre-work: Requirements meeting and analysis of your data
  • Course: Data analysis with QI Macros and Excel (access to extended QI Macros trials, if needed)
  • Post-work: E-mail follow-up

Investment: $997/hour for up to 25 participants

Option 3: Completely Customize Your own Webinar!

If the options listed above do not meet your specific needs, contact us directly.

Investment: Pricing per hour is based on your requirements. Up to 25 participants.

Call 1-888-468-1537 or contact us online for more information on our QI Macros Webinars.