What is a Pareto Chart

How Can I Create Pareto Charts in Excel?

Pareto charts combine a sorted bar graph with a cumulative line graph. Often, two or three "big bars" represent most of the problem (80/20 rule).

Pareto Chart in Excel created by QI Macros Add-in

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Creating a Pareto Diagram in Excel Requires Some Wizardry

If you've ever tried to create a Pareto chart in Excel, you know how complex and time consuming it can be. Here are the steps:

  1. Sort the data in descending order,
  2. Calculate the cumulative percentage,
  3. Create a column chart of the sorted data
  4. Create a line graph of the cumulative percentage on a second Y Axis.
  5. Adjust the scale of both axes;
  6. Change the color of the bars.
Pareto graph drawn in excel is missing cumulative percentages

This can take quite awhile, especially if you don't do it very often. When you are done you will have a "Pareto" that looks like the one above.

Excel's plot area is gray; the bars have spaces between them; the cumulative line starts in the middle of the first bar instead of bottom left corner. And you can't read the cumulative percentages off of the line.

Why Struggle? Save Time by Creating a Pareto Chart in 3 Easy Steps

how to draw a pareto chart in excel

  1. Point - select your data in an Excel worksheet
  2. Click – on the QI Macros menu and choose Pareto
  3. Analyze and Improve –the QI Macros will do the math and draw the diagram for you. Any bar that represents more than 20% of the total will be shaded.

I really like the QI Macros. The Pareto chart alone is worth the purchase price.

- Mike Dean, Ellwood Texas Forge

QI Macros Pareto Chart Bonus Features

Create Many Paretos at Once

Select more than one column of data and QI Macros will create a separate Pareto chart for each column.

create more than one pareto at a time

Create a Pareto from Raw Data

If you have raw data that has not yet been subtotaled, just make sure the column has a heading. Then click on the heading (cell C1) and select Pareto from the QI Macros Menu:

raw pareto chart data

QI Macros will count the occurrence of each phrase and draw a Pareto chart of the result in one step.

Why Choose QI Macros Over Excel or Other Pareto Chart Software?

Chart Quality
  • Creates a real Pareto chart not a bar chart;
  • Bars touch - no space between them;
  • Bars over 20% are highlighted with color;
  • Axes are scaled correctly;
  • Cumulative percentages are shown on the line graph.
  • Compare output to other pareto chart software
Affordable and Trusted
  • Only $249 Per License - Less with Quantity Discounts.
  • Perpetual License - No Recurring Annual Fees.
  • No Charge for Technical Support.
  • 100,000 Satistifed Users in Over 80 Countries.
  • Celebrating Our 19th Anniversary
  • Five Star CNET Rating

I have purchased your QI Macros and now amaze my friends and co-workers with the ease and speed of my Pareto charts and other stats.

— Bob Miller, Training Manager, SETECH, Inc

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