Need to Draw a Pareto Chart but Don't Know How?

Pareto Charts are a great tool but they can be difficult to create.


QI Macros for Excel Draws Eye-Catching Pareto Charts in Seconds.

You'll look like an expert!

I really like the QI Macros. The Pareto chart alone is worth the purchase price.

- Mike Dean, Ellwood Texas Forge

What Makes an Authentic Pareto Chart?

Paretos combine a sorted bar graph with a cumulative line graph.

Pareto charts are used in Six Sigma and other process improvement methodologies to determine where to focus your efforts.

Pareto analysis is based on the principle that one or two "big bars" represent the bulk of any problem. This is known as Pareto's Rule or the 80/20 rule.

QI Macros Pareto charts contain ALL of the critical elements: cumulative line graph, an "Other" bar, bars over 20% are shaded, no space between bars.

pareto chart created in Excel using QI Macros

Special Features That Make QI Macros Pareto Charts Unique

Shaded and "Other" Bar

Bars over 20% are highlighted.

pareto highlights areas to focus on

"Other Bar" groups small categories

pareto other bar groups misc categories
Multiple Paretos at Once

Create a separate Pareto chart for each column of data.

create more than one pareto at a time


Draw Pareto from Raw Data

Data not subtotaled? No problem.

raw pareto chart data

QI Macros counts each phrase and draws a Pareto chart in one step.

I have purchased your QI Macros and now amaze my friends and co-workers with the ease and speed of my Pareto charts and other stats.

— Bob Miller, Training Manager, SETECH, Inc

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Why Choose QI Macros Over Excel or Other Pareto Chart Software?



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