Use Pareto Charts to Show Results

Before and After Pareto Charts Can Demonstrate the Success of Your Improvement Efforts

I really like the QI Macros. The Pareto chart is worth the purchase price of the whole deal.

Mike Dean, Ellwood Texas Forge

QI Macros Allow You to Create Multiple Pareto Charts at Once

  1. To create two or more Pareto charts using the QI Macros, select one column of labels and two or more columns of data (e.g., E2:G14 below to compare Line 1 and Line 2):
  2. Click on the QI Macros Menu then Pareto Chart to draw both charts:
  3. pareto-chat-excel-menu

QI Macros will create a Pareto chart for each column of data you selected.

Pareto Charts on the same worksheet show pareto improvement

Before and After Pareto Charts Demonstrate Improvements

If the data for Line 1 before and after improvement looked like this:
Pareto Chart data before and after improvements

The resulting Pareto charts would show that Folded Flaps (the first "big bar") had been significantly reduced (from 105 to 6) and may have reduced other defects as well:
Pareto Chart Comparison to show process improvement

Now the team can turn it's attention to "Bent/Damaged Flaps" and "Carton will not open".

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