Weighted Pareto Chart Template

Use when some error categories are more costly than others.

For example, some categories may:

  • be more expensive to fix
  • take more time to fix
  • have a greater impact on the customer.

QI Macros add-in for Excel contains a Weighted Pareto Chart template.

To open the template, select the "Chart Templates" drop-down > and open "Pareto Chart":


Next, select the "Weighted Pareto Chart" tab:


To create a Pareto chart:

  1. Input your category descriptions in column A, the number of defects in column B, and the weight you want to assign to each defect in column C.

  2. If you have more than 10 rows (e.g. types of defects or errors) consider consolidating them into an "Other" category using the input cell in J1.
  3. Double Click the "Update Chart" button that is located to the right of the chart.

    update chart
  4. QI Macros will perform all of the calculations and draw the Weighted Pareto.

    In this example, the "Damage" category is the biggest bar on the chart, even though there were only 6 defects. It is the biggest bar, because it has the highest weighted value (30 = 6 defects x 5 weight.)

    weighted pareto chart


How to Create a Pareto Chart of Weighted Costs

If you know both the # of defects and cost for each defect, consider the cost per defect as the "weight".

Input the number of defects in column B and the cost per defect in column C. Now double click the "Update Chart" button to get a Pareto chart of weighted costs per location.

weighted costs pareto chart

I really like the QI Macros. The Pareto Chart is worth the purchase price of the whole deal.

Mike Dean, Ellwood Texas Forge

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