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QI Macros 2018 is Compatibile with:

  • Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 for PCs, along with Excel 2011 and 2016 for Macs
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10, and OS X and macOS
  • Office 365 for PC and Mac with desktop version of Excel

Each month we take customer feedback and industry updates to enhance QI Macros.

QI Macros SPC Software Enhancements of features and functions

Updates Include:

  • New Charts, Templates and Tools
  • New Features to Save You Time
  • Updates to be consistent with industry standards like the AIAG, Joint Commission on Healthcare and IHI
  • Updates to remain compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows and Excel updates

QI Macros Enhancements - What Are You Missing?

QI Macros Version #

Description of Enhancements


released in

January, 2018

  • Improved visual performance of control chart templates


released in

October, 2017

  • Improved visibility and accessibility to the QI Macros chart menu functions


released in

September, 2017

  • Streamlined installation process


released in

July, 2017


released in

June, 2017


released in

April, 2017

  • Eliminated chart title prompting to increase speed of chart creation
  • QI Macros Chart Menu: Change Titles option added to simplify editing chart and axis titles
  • QI Macros Chart Menu: Options added for quickly moving charts to a new Excel sheet, or for copying them to a PowerPoint or Word document


released in

February, 2017

  • Data Mining Wizard 2.0 will create entire improvement projects from PivotTable-like data.
  • Interactive QI Macros tutorial added to the help menu


released in

January, 2017


released in

December, 2016

  • Enhanced stability analysis to accommodate filtered blank rows in data


released in

November, 2016

  • t test enhancement
  • proportion test update


released in

October, 2016

  • Added filtering option to p and u chart templates


released in

September, 2016


released in

August, 2016

  • Fever Chart added to Diagrams
  • Frequency Polygon added to Compare 2 Histograms template


released in

July, 2016


released in

May, 2016

  • Added OEE template to the Rolled Throughput Yield Calculator


released in

February, 2016


released in

November, 2015


released in

October, 2015


released in September, 2015


released in May, 2015

  • Made Pooled Standard Deviation the default estimator for Cp and Cpk. Sbar/c4 and Rbar/d2 can still be used by changing the estimator field.
  • Added Standard Work template for Lean.


released in February, 2015

  • Added Descriptive Statistics Histogram under Capability Charts.


released in January, 2015

  • Upgraded all statistical functions to include redeveloped statistical functions (e.g., FINV is now F.INV) included in Excel 2010 and 2013. Excel 2003-2007 still use the previous functions.


released in October, 2014


released in September, 2014


released in August, 2014


released in July, 2014

  • Wheeler Moving Average & Range template
  • 3D Histogram Comparison Chart


released in June, 2014

  • Control Chart templates automatically copy down formulas to accommodate additional data.
  • New menu layout


released in May, 2014


released in April, 2014

  • Moving Average and Range template


released in February, 2014


released in January, 2014

Watch Video Highlighting 2013 Enhancements

4th Quarter 2013

3rd Quarter 2013

2nd Quarter 2013

1st Quarter 2013



New and Enhanced Chart Macros

  • Capability Suite Macro Creates these Six Charts
    - X Chart
    - R/S Chart
    - Histogram with Cp and Cpk
    - Probability Plot
    - Values Plot
    - Capability Plot
  • New Stability Analysis Tools
    - Green Up/Green Down to show "good" out of control points
    - Show/Hide Rules to show rule numbers violated
    - Clear Stability to clear red points and lines.
  • XbarR, XbarS, XMedianR, CUSUM and EWMA now accept one column of data and restack to 2-25 samples per subgroup.
  • Excel Charts
    - 3D Bar and Column Charts
    - Stacked Bar and Column Charts
    - Area Chart
    - Bubble Chart
    - Donut Chart
    - Stock Chart

New and Enhanced Chart Templates

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools



New and Enhanced Chart Macros

New and Enhanced Templates

New Training Resources



Compatibility with:

  • Macintosh 2011
  • Excel 2010 in 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • Excel 2010 Microsoft "Click to Run" installations

New and Enhanced Statistical Tools

  • Statistics Wizard - Automatically runs appropriate statistics: ANOVA, F test, t test, Levene's test, Chi-Squared and regression based on the data selected.
  • Rewrote Anova and Analysis tools to be independent of Excel's Data analysis Toolpak. This should prevent translation conflicts with International Versions of Excel.
  • Anova and statistical tests like the t tests now interpret the results for you by indicating whether you should accept or reject the null hypothesis.

New and Enhanced Chart Macros

New and Enhanced Templates

Data Transformation Tools



Compatibility with Excel 2007 SP2

Improvements to prevent conflicts with other addins.

New and Enhanced Macros

New and Enhanced Templates

Statistical Tools

Data Transformation Tools

  • Unstack Matrix function

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