Product Family Matrix

Easy to Use Product Family Matrix Template

The purpose of this matrix is to identify product groups that are based upon shared processes, and is a valuable step in Value Stream Mapping analysis.

QI Macros Add-in for Excel Makes Product Family Matrix Templates as Easy as 1-2-3

To access this matrix, click on the QI Macros Menu, and then select "Lean Tools" > "Value Stream Mapping":

value stream map on QI Macros menu in Excel

Once the template opens, you have several options:

  1. VSM Text: Input your data into each cell in the spreadsheet and then click a button to automatically create a value stream map.
  2. Symbols: inventory of VSM symbols to copy and paste into any Value Stream Map.
  3. Value Stream Examples 1, 2, and Emergency Room to use as a starting point to save time.
  4. Spaghetti Diagram
  5. Product Family Matrix

vsm template options

Product Family Matrix

To use this tool, follow the instructions below:

  1. Input the date of your Matrix (Note: QI Macros auto-fills this portion to the current date the template is/was opened):
  2. Date: 4/1/2020

  3. In Column A of the Matrix, you will find a "Product" field - list your Product description there:
  4. product family matrix product field

  5. Next, in row 4, input your "Process" description:
  6. product family matrix process field

  7. Lastly, go through each Product and indicate if it shares any of your Processes:
  8. product family matrix template

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