Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template in Excel

Create a Hoshin Kanri X Matrix in seconds using QI Macros add-in

The Hoshin Kanri X Matrix is used for policy deployment. It was designed to develop and implement strategic, tactical, and synchronized plans across not only people, but also across an organization.

A Hoshin Kanri X Matrix ensures ownership and accountability at ALL levels; and thus encourages organizational learning, faster course corrections, and cross departmental coordination:


How do I Create a Hoshin Kanri X Matrix?

Please note that there are 4 quadrants found within this planning tool:

  1. Long-term Goals
  2. Short-term Goals
  3. Short-term Tactics | Improvement Objectives/Actions
  4. Improvement Items

To begin, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Input your Long-term Goals. Make sure the most important aspects of your plan are listed closest to the center.
  2. Now that your plan has started to take shape, re-evaluate and recognize your most important objectives. These are objectives you will then input into the Short-term Goals section (e.g. What aspect(s) of the objective do you need to accomplish first?)
  3. Next, complete the Short-term Tactics | Improvement Objectives/Actions. What is/are the most important objectives/actions that need to be completed, in order for your short-term goal(s) to be completed?
  4. Lastly, fill out the Improvement Items, Actionees, and Expenses per Action sections - these are areas that will help keep you and your team on course to complete your short and long-term goal(s)!

Once you have inputted information in any of these four fields, you will notice Correlation Matrices located in the bottom-left, top-left and top-right of the planning tool - fill each of these boxes in with the Correlation Notation that reflects the correlation between the items listed:

> Strong Correlation
= Moderate Correlation
< Weak Correlation
0 No Correlations

Note: You can either input the notation manually, or use the available drop-down option to select the correlation notation.

QI Macros installs a menu into Excel's sub-ribbon . To access the Hoshin Kanri X Matrix template, click on QI Macros > Planning & PM Tools > "Hoshin Planning":


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